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Cox Customer Service Numbers, E-mail and Mailing Address

Cox customer care being an American company is a platform that provides its clients with the most advanced tech support. They use different methods to help and sort the problems faced by their customers in the technical area. They are also available to answer doubts that their clients have about their devices.

Cox Support

No matter how complicated your problems are, this customer care ensures a solution. You will receive top service support and help for even the toughest of technological issues. Cox Customer Service also provides you with various options for contacting them. You can take their help through online means or over phone calls or in-home support, at any time of the day. You can also ask your question by posting it online on their site.

cox customer service image
Cox customer service image

Cox’s customer care also provides you with a chat option. Whether you are at home or on the way back to your house, you can always just send a message stating your problem, and the customer service shall send over their top-notch technicians to sort out the issue. Be it damaged wires or replacements of old worn-out cables or even identification of loose and bad connections, all of these services are solvable by the technicians of Cox customer Service.

Also, the company guarantees that their technicians are very supportive and patient, and therefore the work done by them is equally efficient. They also guide customers as to what led to the problem and how they can avoid such issues in future. The technicians also try to complete the work allotted to them most meticulously, without wasting time.

Cox Communications Customer Service

This section is all about the contact details that the customers might require to contact the customer service support whenever they have any technical problems in any of their technological gadgets. The Cox provides outstanding service to customers who are looking up to them. Although the service centre provides excellent interest in solving your concerned issue.

Main Cox Phone Number

The technical support is available 24/7 with the general support facility.

Cox Customer Support
Customer service1 (800) 234-3993

Other Cox Customer Service Phone Number

  • Sales Cox support number : 1 (800) 818-0679
  • Cox business support: 1 (800) 234-3993

For Cox internet support and other tech services also you can call, 1 (800) 234-3993. The Cox bill pay phone number changes from location to location. You can get those numbers from

Cox Customer Service Hours

Cox customer service provides you with a guide that you need when you are in tension and want your answers as soon as possible. They are also available to answer doubts that their clients have about their devices. Besides giving the clients the best and updated service, Cox customer care, also provides 24/7 all-round service. Cox promises complete care and provides support by taking advice from top advisors.

Cox hours of operation

The Cox store is open from Monday to Friday at 10 am and shuts at 7 pm, on Saturdays, it opens at the same time and closes at 5 pm and remains closed on Sundays. Cox Communications are available all round the clock for 24 hours and seven days a week. For any issue after 7 pm, you could call the Cox communications for assistance.

Cox Corporate Official Address

The corporate address of Cox available below. If any customer is facing any serious issue and need some significant service and don’t find any other support systems available, then they can opt for the official address. They accept all the queries in this address. And if you are here for the mailing address as you prefer to mail them instead of any other issue, then you can prefer the mailing address which is provided just below the main office address of the company.

Main Official Address

Cox Communications, Inc.
6205-B Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30328

Mailing addresses

Cox Communications, Inc.
P.O. Box 78071
Phoenix, AZ 85062-8071

Cox Store Near Me

To avail the services of Cox Customer Service, you can easily locate their physical structures near you as they have 132 locations all over the United states. As done for other companies, Cox Customer Service is also available in Google maps. You can also make use of Google Home or Amazon Alexa to find the nearest Cox Customer Service Centre.

Cox officially providea a store locator

If you are wondering where to find different places and the addresses of various locations regarding our Cox company for any kind of technical support then do not forget to go through our official link and multiple locations in the maps that will be provided in Google once you type the ‘Cox near me’.  

Cox Contact Us / Official Site

You can contact Cox or even solve your issues by referring their official website. The site itself guides you to the customer service support system and other basic information which you will require in the present and the future. The website has a product section and a customer’s section.

The products section shows all shopping packages with regards to the internet, TV, homelife and Home Phone. On the other hand, the customer’s section shows options like My Account, My Bill, My Services, My Tools, Support. Now from this support system, you can find all vital support helplines that provide you with its best guide.

The website link is: and contact us page is

Cox Email

Cox communications email is through which customers can get in touch with. Also there is a Cox business email of corporate, Although it does provide a live Cox chat support in their official site at You can also write your complaints to the below mailing address or call Cox communications phone number.

The mailing addresses

Cox Communications, Inc.
P.O. Box 78071
Phoenix, AZ 85062-8071

Cox Customer Service on Social Media

To get in touch with the social media connections, you can reach out by our –

  • Facebook:
  • Cox Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • Youtube:

All the links given above can provide you with good chatting facilities to the Cox customer service if any customer or client is facing any type of technical problems at their homes or in a workplace like an office or any type and kind of residential place.

Cox Customer Service Review

There are specific parameters upon writing a review set by most companies, similarly for Cox, who can only publish reviews that are reasonable, appropriate and helpful for the company to make modifications to better their service. Based on these parameters, there are certain reviews in the form of stories, from which one can extract the positives of the Cox company.

In the recent review, a customer mentioned her problem, which was eventually resolved by one of the Cox Customer service personnel. The Customer was tricked into letting someone into her network and just as she realized the blunder she committed, her virus was removed, which induced her to hit the panic button and contact Cox Customer Service.

The call was received by the Service personnel who bought all her problems, consumed it, copied and at the very beginning she advised the customer to relax and told her “It’s going to be Ok”. She calmly began her process of obtaining her system. Through some interrogations, the problem fixed.

The customer felt relieved and a life saved and could never express any word for the masterpiece executed by the Cox Customer Service personnel. Though it was not a big mission, because it was her duty to help people at the time of trouble. But her willingness to get the job done led the customer to write the best review possible. The survey was plausible, appropriate and it was a situation-based issue that was eventually solved, well written and gullible.

These flying reviews are worth boosting the company to a higher edge, whereas there might be reviews which could pull down its repute marginally, but temporarily and fortunately it should not undermine their brilliance with their Customer Service. 

About Cox

Cox Customer Service aims to solve two problems with just one plan. They help their customers with both remote and in-home support. With their advanced technological knowledge, they can understand and thereby guide their customers carefully. Also, reaching out to them is very easy. A client can choose an option that’s comfortable for them. You can also get the guidance of Cox Customer Service through devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Cox Customer Service will also provide you with elaborate steps to make your work easier. A person can easily do removal of malware, software installation and software reconfiguration, troubleshooting problems all by seeking out help from Cox Customer service. Every one of these problems can be done away with just phone calls or through chats.

The customers also have the option to call the technicians to their house to get the problem solved. The cost, however, is higher. Instead of the usual amount, you will be charged for a $75 service call. This is subjected to some conditions, depending upon the type of help that you need.

The technicians that Cox Customer Service sends are top notch and are experienced in what they do. They will patiently sort the problems and will also walk you through the problem so that you can be careful in the future. You can call them for absolutely any technology defects. These techs can easily recognize bad connection points, unauthorized jacks, and outlets.

They will also make sure that all your other supporting devices such as modems work fine and are compatible with the device that you use them for. Cox Customer Service, also provides you with a package that supplies you with advanced tech support at only $10 per month. All you have to do is, add Cox Complete Care to any internet package, or TV or Bundle Package while checking out. This way, you will have enhanced assistance.


What is Cox cable phone number?

Cox cable customer service phone number is 1 (800) 234-3993, which you can call to at any time. The contact number of Cox headquarters is +1 678-645-0000. 

What hours is Cox communication customer service open & close?

Cox business customer service helpline numbers are available 24 hours 7 days a week and it can help you with assistance at any time.

How do I contact Cox communications corporate email?

You can email Cox communications corporate using

Where is Cox communications headquarters?

Cox communications headquarters situated at the following address along with the mailing address.
Main official Address
Cox Communications, Inc.
6205-B Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30328

How to chat with Cox?

You can opt to Cox customer service chat at 

Can I pay my Cox bill over the phone?

You can definitely fill the bill over the phone by using the following number 1 (800) 234-3993. Also, you can chat with their customer support number by using the live chat number You can also create an online ticket and go through the following details for your support.

How do I get rid of Cox complete care?

You can get rid of Cox complete care by calling Cox cable 24 hour customer service number, 1-877-269-2778. 

How do I report a Cox cable outage?

You can report to for any Coxcable outage. 

How to deal with Cox tech support?

One can deal with the Cox technical support 24 hours in 7 days a week at 1-877-269-2778. 

Final Verdict

As soon as you think of inconvenience, Cox Customer service is 24*7 hours available and their all-round help charges are a mere $10 a month. Every customer might have various thoughts about this company, which is subsequently converted to numbers in the form of ratings or non-mathematical form as a review. In this fast-paced moving world, where people own a ton of android phones, it could just be the rating that could decide, whether to choose Cox or not. No one, except avid readers, could speed read the review and make up their mind to buy this service or choose another.

Cox has a decent series of Testimonials, which encourages more people to be their customer. Still, they should always strive to be prompt, fast-paced and reduce as many as glitches possible, even though some are likely. It is the people who form the company and they should take lessons from Catherine and possess some of her calm qualities, composed and well-focused on her work, despite an emotional pressure from Timothy.

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