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Comcast Customer Care Phone Numbers – 24X7 at your Service!!

Comcast Corporation is also known as Comcast Holdings is a series or clusters of different telecommunications and its headquarters is situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. By revenue, it is the second-largest broadcasting and a cable television country in the world. It is the largest pay and the largest cable T.V company in the world and in addition to that the biggest internet service provider across the United States and the third-biggest home internet service provider.

The US residential and commercials from 40 States as well as the District of Columbia receive Comcast Services. Comcast produces feature films and Television programs designed to exhibit Theatrics and over- the -air and cable television broadcast, respectively.

comcast customer service image
Comcast customer service image

The Comcast customer in combination with Xfinity aims to satisfy customers and commercials not only in the USA but across the globe with their motto of providing the best internet service to make every customer watch and do what matters most to them. The satisfaction of this level of service is only fulfilled when you get proper feedback from the customer using Comcast telecommunications.

Comcast Customer Services has never been in a great deal of service as it sounds like people rated 89 per cent bad for its overall service. First and foremost, Comcast Telecommunications is not reliable and in addition to that the poor service outlining it, just makes matters even worse. One can get in touch with email address websites or even contact numbers that will be provided later on in a table format in this article.

Comcast Support

By creating the most preposterous technology and entertainment and bringing about connectivity in millions of people all over the world to the moments and experiences that matter most is the true pioneer of Comcast. First and foremost, Comcast Telecommunications is not reliable and in addition to that the poor service outlining it, just makes matters even worse.

But if you go to see the other side of the customer service then, Comcast alongside Xfinity delivers the best services on the internet, Voice, Tv, mobile and home management. The customers get maximum satisfaction when all of the elements of Xfinity and Comcast combined bring about customers to gain access to the internet anytime and anywhere in the world to watch and do things that matter most to them.

As connectivity is the main focal point of Comcast in terms of connecting lives and businesses, it is trying to remake and refurnish the means of having a great internet experience.

Comcast Customer Service Phone Numbers

Being a telecommunication conglomerate, many contacts are available all over the internet so that customers who wish to approach them at any point of time, which makes it easier for them to get through it. The customer service is available 24 hours in 7 days and when people want to chat, they can chat at any social media chats.

Any customer who is in trouble and urgently requires the right number or right email address or the right place to chat then they don’t need to panic and move all around searching all different sites; instead, they can just check all of them out in the below-given sections.

Important Comcast Phone Numbers

Here are some important Comcast help number details. It will save your time when you are in a hurry for a job or any other purpose and do not have much time finding the nearest customer care centre or the contact details.

Comcast Customer Support Numbers
Toll free Comcast Business support number800-391-3000
Small and medium business855-452-0168
Enterprise 866-429-0152
To Terminate Authorization800-266-2278
For new customers866-203-0432
Comcast Tech support phone number

Other Comcast Customer Service Numbers

Here are some extra contact details that one can find with respect to ethernet numbers, business voice edge numbers, PRI Trunk numbers, hospitality numbers and cloud solutions numbers. All of these sections have two different options for numbers one is for question and order while the other is customer support and care. Check out the phone number for Comcast service that you require and make a call.

  • Ethernet
    • For question and order: (866) 429-0152
    • Customer support and care: (800) 741-4141
  • Business Voice Edge
    • For question and order: (866) 429-2321
    • Customer support and care: (877) 761-7401
  • PRI Trunks
    • For question and order: (866) 524-7482
    • Customer support and care: (877) 543-3961
  • Teleworker (customer support): (866) 511-6489
  • Hospitality
    • For question and order: (855) 869-7188
    • Customer support and care: (877) 229-5999
  • Comcast Outage phone number: Just text OUT to 266278 (COMCST) and check if there are any outages in your area
  • Cloud solutions
    • For question and order: (855) 867-5010
    • Customer support and care: (877) 229-5999
  • Comcast Technical support 24/7: 1-800-XFINITY

Comcast Customer Service Hours

The customers will be happy to hear that the hours of customer support are 24/7, which means they can call the Comcast service center at any time they want. However, the operating hours are from 8 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday.

Comcast Corporate Office Address

The corporate address of Comcast is as follows; one can drop in the corporate office if they need anything or want to know or solve any fundamental issue very necessarily.


Comcast Corporation
Comcast Center
1701 JFK Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Comcast Near Me

Comcast Corporations has 300 locations across the United States of America with its headquarters situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you wish to look for Comcast stores nearby, you could just use Google to type in your search result as the Comcast Store nearby.

Just enter the ‘Comcast store near me’ in Google, it will display several stores. Once you find a familiar location or a nearby location, you could just tap that link which will further be connected to your Google Maps. The Google map will ask you to access the GPS so that it shows the amount of distance to travel, route and the stipulated time it will take to reach the location.

On the other hand, you can also use this Comcast Store Locator to get your nearest location by just selecting the State and City of yours. To know the closest customer care, you can also search ‘Comcast service center near me’ in Maps which gives the nearest service center address along with number and timings. Call that Comcast support phone number and confirm the timings before visiting.

Comcast Website / Contact Us Page

As mentioned above Xfinity is a trade name of Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, a subsidiary of the Comcast Corporation. Any customer who is interested in services provided by Comcast, then you can freely go through their official website, this will give you the idea of all the services provided by them and all the offers to shop from. One can log in or sign in if you are a new customer.

The Xfinity Comcast contact us page is For comcast’s official website you can visit

Comcast Email Address

Comcast does not provide any kind of email support. But in case any customer is facing any kind of problem and want to chat with the company then they can freely talk with them by other social media chats or can mail your query to The same link can be utilized for Comcast Chat support as well. 

Comcast Social Media Support

One can contact through social media sites by all the links that are attached below if the Comcast support number is not working for you.

Any customer can chat using this Comcast Live Chat link:

Comcast Review

The Comcast customer in combination with Xfinity aims to satisfy customers and commercials not only in the USA but across the globe with their motto of providing the best internet service to make every customer watch and do what matters most to them. The satisfaction of this level of service is only fulfilled when you get proper feedback from the customer using Comcast telecommunications. Comcast customer Services has never been in a greater deal of service as it sounds like people rated 89 percent bad for its overall service. 

One customer was given a network worth 1 Tb a month and if the usage goes beyond that, it would be chargeable. 1 TB’s worth of internet a month is like using 1000 GB a month. So, this customer barely used 10 percent of the network they claim the customer has used and then the network stopped working.

The complaint is not because of the weak internet connection, but it’s the wastage of time to call the Comcast service people to make it work and even if you spend hours over the call, they would never bother to do what they need to do. Whenever there is a power outage, the Comcast internet stops working.

The customer has a backup generator in his house and in addition to that he also has a backup for his modem and router, but not for Comcast. Consistent service is what makes a service company stand tall. In extreme cases, this should be a criminal, as mentioned by the customer at the end of his review. Some reviews are declared to be short, crisp, readable, relatable and gullible. 

Why is my Comcast internet so slow all of a sudden?

The reasons are stated as follows,

  1. Modem or router problem.
  2. Wi-fi signal problem
  3. Strength of the signal in your cable line.
  4. DNS server being slow.

If the problem is same even when all the above are perfect, then call the Comcast telephone number, 1-800-XFINITY or get the support from

How to cancel Comcast online?

You can take some time and call Comcast 800 number or even chat with them through social media or visit their local store, all you need to do is complete a simple cancellation form and mail a request which must contain your first name and last name your server address your account number and phone number after you enter all such details just submit it to Comcast cable.


How do I speak to a live person at Comcast?

You can speak to live person by contacting Comcast customer service phone number 800-391-3000 or even chat with them or visit the nearest Comcast store and talk to the real person.

How to complain about Comcast customer service?

One can complain at their official website under the section Customer Center, which you will find on the left side of the page. You need to select a reason and click next or you can mail your complaint to their corporate office. 

Who owns Comcast?

Comcast is owned by Ralph J. Roberts who is the father of Brian L. Roberts, the chairman, present and CEO of Comcast.

How does Comcast phone service work?

The Comcast phone service possesses a call via voice which needs the internet connection to make calls. After your phone is connected to the internet, anyone can make calls to any land or mobile number in Canada, the US and Puerto Rico.

How do I contact the Comcast corporate office?

One can contact the corporate office by visiting their store at Comcast Center in
Center City, Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, United states.
Or by calling Comcast contact number of Main office at  +1 215-583-8078. 

How to email Comcast customer service?

If you wish to email Comcast, you have to sign-in to your Comcast account and email them by the website provided link,

How do I contact Comcast technical support?

You can call Comcast customer service number 1-800-XFINITY if you need any tech support or visit

What time does Comcast customer service close?

Comcast Xfinity customer service, 800-391-3000 is a 24/7 support line. 

What time does Comcast customer service open?

Comcast customer care is open 24/7 for clearing customers’ concerns. 

How to deal with Comcast customer service? 

One can efficiently deal with Comcast customer support by contacting them at their toll-free number 800-266-2278. They are available 24/7. You can also use the Comcast Customer Service Chat or Email support.

Where is Comcast headquarters?

Comcast headquarters is in Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United states.

Can you call Comcast 24 7?

Yes, Comcast customers services are available 24/7.


Comcast and Xfinity connections, though, may start with a bang on promotions, good combinations and also for their motto to give what people want when it matters most are all frail, when they fail to get their basics right. If their motto is to give people what it matters, then that should incline towards helping customers on a regular and consistent basis.

The reviews are entirely pessimistic and all customers conclude to choose any other reliable internet connection provider, except Comcast and Xfinity internet providers, as they are cheats, their charges are not reasonable, the workers are not punctual, their machines are obsolete, no backups provided by the Comcast communications upon power outage, which is unlikely provided by most of the internet service provider.

Moreover, they don’t bother to fix it and pretend to fix it, but they are not and the worst of all these matters is that if they have one job, it will take them decades to finish it when it barely takes a few minutes and in addition to that charges an extra amount. 

Comcast has excuses to run away with it when it comes to providing service, but they are bound to get their payment as soon as possible and they keep demanding when not paid, which has to be taken into consideration.

On reflecting on the reviews, it reveals that the company is 9.5 out of 10 in poor service and only that 0.5 were rated generously by the public for the fast internet connection lasting for barely a week. The company needs to buckle up or train their employees and supervise their performance and monitor the Comcast complaints and work on them accordingly.

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