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CenturyLink Customer Service Numbers, Email – Get 24/7 Tech Support

CenturyLink is a customer service company that provides privacy resources to their customers. They claim that they provide complete privacy and security to their customers and develop a safe environment for them to work in. CenturyLink claims to provide massive cybersecurity from a lot of cybercrimes. Although the internet is a vast library of knowledge, it is also prone to a lot of dangers. These crimes and threats mainly inflict teenagers and children of our generation. Teenagers find the internet to be of great importance to them as it involves a lot of their study material.

Out of all the children using the internet, 45 million children ageing from 10-17 years use the internet to gain knowledge and information daily. But what is quite unfortunate is that only one-third of them are protected by cyber nuisance. Children, especially teenagers, are approached in a sexually inappropriate way. A lot of teenage girls as well as boys, admit to uploading unfitting pictures of themselves online. A lot of children consistently receive unwanted messages from strangers seeking sexual attention.

centurylink customer service image
CenturyLink customer service image

To safeguard the child’s digital wellbeing, CenturyLink provides services that give cybersecurity and safety to the child and his or her personal information. Using CenturyLink services, the parent can have access to their child’s activity online and monitor their children. The CenturyLink link also provides restriction options to keep the child in a protective and friendly environment. The CenturyLink limits the kind of information incoming from the internet and outgoing from the user’s end.


CenturyLink provides a lot of services to its customers. These are products that support the internet, home phone, TV, home security, Account questions. CenturyLink feels that it is vital to provide internet services and protection to their customers. As cyber crimes have skyrocketed in the past year, cybersecurity is vital for our day to day life. The services provided are internet fibre, Wi-Fi, modems or routers, WIFI security, internet connection, typical security.

CenturyLink also provides phone support which helps the customers to improve the phone’s performance. The phone support involves various types of a phone protection plan. The century link also helps in repairing the wiring of the phone and its repair. The CenturyLink helps get rid of irritating noises on the phones. CenturyLink also provides prism TV services.

When it comes to home security, the CenturyLink tech support number helps in setting up and activating the home protection products. These services involve troubleshooting the home services and its protection against online viruses. The customer can also ask questions regarding your account and its services. Contacting CenturyLink is not as difficult as they want to know what their customers require from them.

The CenturyLink support provides a lot of support and technical help if the customer faces any problems concerning the support or product installed. It offers various from starting and stopping service, putting the service on hold if the customer is away on vacation.

CenturyLink Customer Service Numbers

The customer can contact CenturyLink for various services they provide. The customers can get help and support through the different numbers provided for different services. CenturyLink is keen on knowing the problems arising at the customer’s end and coming up with a solution for that. The numbers for different types of products and support are listed below. The table following contains all the customer service numbers for different countries.

CenturyLink Customer Service Phone Number

The customer service at CenturyLink are quite adept and quick in their services. You can call CenturyLink Phone Number for any query, concern, complaint or support assistance.

Main CenturyLink Number
Customer Service866-642-0444
Corporate Phone Number318-388-9000

Other CenturyLink Numbers

For CenturyLink Internet Service, and other Repair & Tech Support you can use the below CenturyLink 24 Hour Customer Service Phone Numbers.

  • CenturyLink Internet Support: 877-646-3282
  • Phone CenturyLink Repair Service: 800-788-3600
  • Prism TV Repair: 866-314-4148

CenturyLink Customer Service Hours

The CenturyLink customer service operates from Mondays to Fridays from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm E.T Monday to Friday. However, the Repair & Tech Support of CenturyLink are available 24X7. The operating hours of CenturyLink usually are 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday and closed on Weekends.

CenturyLink Headquarters Address

If customers want to reach CenturyLink regarding any issues, they can visit CenturyLink headquarters and the address for the same is given below.

CenturyLink Corporate Office:

100 CenturyLink Drive
Monroe, LA 71203
Phone: 318-388-9000.

CenturyLink Near Me

You can find the nearest CenturyLink using their official store locator; You can also find the closest CenturyLink Locations using Google Maps.

CenturyLink Customer Service Website

Customers who need to purchase the products or services from CenturyLink can visit their official website Customers can also clear their queries regarding the services and products by looking into the options and reading through the subdivisions provided at the official website. Do visit CenturyLink to know and to purchase products from CenturyLink.

CenturyLink Email

CenturyLink has not officially provided an email for customer support but there is an email regarding billings that is, However, there is a CenturyLink Chat option with you can talk to the customer support. Use the live chat support at

CenturyLink Social Media Link

CenturyLink has a lot of social media platforms. Customers can visit the profiles on most of the social media websites to post CenturyLink Customer Service Complaints or to know what Century Link specializes in. The century link has a LinkedIn profile; it has twitter as well as Facebook profile.

CenturyLink Reviews

CenturyLink is famous for their products and services. Customers feel that CenturyLink offers their high-speed internet services at an affordable price. The customers’ claim that the internet speed is quite good. However, the speed of the internet tends to get slower if they do not have a fibre area. The customers have also felt that the customer service is pretty low. Even though CenturyLink offers fast speed, it may still get slow during certain situations.

These have been quite an issue when the customers were asked to review the CenturyLink and its services as well as its products. Despite its minor flaws the customers still opt for the CenturyLink as the CenturyLink does ask for a contract, nor does it charge its customers any termination fee, in case the customer decides to stop or terminate the services provided by the CenturyLink.


Who owns CenturyLink?

In the CenturyLink stock, 71.22% comprises institutional ownership, 16.61% includes general public ownership. The inside stakeholders own the remaining.

Where is the CenturyLink field?

The CenturyLink Field is located in Seattle, United States of America.

What is the number to CenturyLink?

CenturyLink can be contacted through its customer service number, 866-642-0444. If you want to approach the corporate headquarters, you can call the CenturyLink Contact number, +1 318-388-9000. 

What time does CenturyLink open?

The CenturyLink customer services open at 7:00 am from Mondays to Fridays. 

What time does CenturyLink close?

The CenturyLink customer services close at 9:00 pm from Mondays to Fridays and closed on Weekends. 

What is the CenturyLink Email address?

Customers who are having queries or those who are willing to give feedback to CenturyLink can email the company at for lodging any complaints.

How do I contact CenturyLink customer service?

The customers can contact the CenturyLink customer service on their support number, 866-642-0444 or their Live chat source

How do I talk to a real person at CenturyLink?

Customers who want to talk to a real person at CenturyLink can dial the number 866-642-0444. This number will help the customer to get in contact with one of the staff from CenturyLink. You can also use CenturyLink Customer Service Chat in its official portal.

How to link a CenturyLink outage?

The customers can report an internet outage by either calling the customer care number, 866-642-0444 and explaining the problem or send CenturyLink an email regarding the same.

Does CenturyLink charge a cancellation fee?

CenturyLink does charge a cancellation fee. The customers willing to terminate the services can do so at any time during the service and will not be charged.

Does CenturyLink work on Saturdays?

No. CenturyLink doesn’t work on Saturdays.

Final Words

This CenturyLink Customer Support article gives a brief on CenturyLink and the services provided by it. It also involves the importance of cybersecurity and another related service at present. Do go through the article to gain information and customer care numbers of CenturyLink Technical Support and its branches.

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