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Bank Of America Customer Care Numbers – Is it available 24/7?

In today’s generation, it has become impossible to manage your own work-life, earn enough to support your family, and maintain your bank balance as well while having a good time with your family and friends. The increasing demand for more financial assistance is on the rise, and nothing better than a good investment will cure you of your appetite for it.

By a good investment, we mean a Bank on whom you can trust with your money, a reliable organization that has been on the rise since it came to be known, and has not looked back ever since. Yes, I am talking about the Bank of America, which is also most commonly known as Bank of America . Formed in the year of 1998, the Bank of America has not let its customers down ever since.

But that is not all that we will be talking about in this article. We will be telling you all about the Bank of America customer service 24/7, the Bank of America toll free number, and several other information like its headquarter address and more.

Such information must be known to a customer so that they may be well-prepared to give a call to the bank at times of need, such as a wrong transaction, missing information, updating, money transfer and so much more. Just as the bank provides a strong body to its customers to feel that their money is safe, the Bank of America also makes sure that they provide reliable customer service to their customers to make them feel supported all the time.

BOA Customer Service

The Bank of America is quite renowned for its services and products. People rely on them since the day the bank was established. They have many services for customers. You can easily access the Bank of America official site and check out all the services and products in detail. You can also apply for one if you are interested online as well as offline. If you are a person who is not satisfied with the details provided by them on their official website, you can also walk to any of the nearest Bank of America outlets and clarify your doubts and queries right there.

The primary services for which the Bank of America is famous for are different types of loans. You can get the loan of your wish for a certain amount of interest on it for a specific amount of time. To claim the loan, you need to follow up on all the details of your financial records and documents, as specified on their website. It is recommended that you should check out all the information about availing loans before you walk into the bank. This will make you prepare for any doubts and saves you time as well. Also, the agent of the bank will guide you through all the steps for applying for a loan.

There are other services of Bank of America that you can opt for. You can check all those services on their official website. Customers can apply for a credit card service if they have an account of the same bank. You just need to fill the form online and your card will be delivered at your home. All the online banking options such as internet banking and many more are also provided. You can also seek help for the bank if you have an adequate amount of money. They have wealth management plans as well to give you proper investment options.

Bank of America Customer Service Numbers

The Bank of America also gives you the provision to get help over a phone call. You can give a call to Bank of America contact number to get any type of assistance from their customer service team. The customer service team is available for all the customers day and night. There is no bound or timing to call the team. You can give them a call as per your wish.

The customer service support will be available 24 * 7 for all the customers. The following are some phone numbers that will come handy in case of an emergency. We have shared several numbers related to the Bank of America call center where you can call related to any issue like home loans, bankruptcy, fraud reporting, issue a credit card, payment of bills, etc.

Main BOA Customer Service Phone Numbers

Bank of America Contact Numbers
Customer Service1 (800) 432-1000
Bank of America Credit Card customer service number1 (800) 732-9194
Head Quarters00 1 315-724-4022
Technical Support1 (800) 933-6262

Other Bank Of America Customer Support Phone Numbers

  • BOA Debit Card Number: 1.315.724.4022
  • General inquiries: 800.432.1000
  • International telephone roaming number: 1.315.724.4022
  • Automated support contact Number: 800.688.6086
  • TTY/TDD number: 800.288.4408
  • Supplier relations and development help desk support: 888.550.6433
  • Supplier relations international number: 1.401.865.7948
  • BOA Neighbourhood builders: 800.218.9946
  • Joe Martin Scholarship: 800.537.4180
  • Spanish Bank of America phone number: 800.688.6086
  • Medical & professional practice loans: 800.497.6076
  • Student banking: 800.432.1000
  • International student banking telephone number: 1.315.724.4022
  • Student Lending: 800.344.8382
  • Military banking US Number: 800.334.1920
  • BOA Military Banking US Number: 1.210.978.5000

Bank Of America Hours for Customer Support

Bank of America support hours are, 8 a.m.-9 p.m. ET from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. ET on Saturdays and 8 a.m.-5 p.m. ET on Sundays. Their customer service squad is always responsive with your queries. 

Operating Hours

  • Monday- Friday: 9 AM – 6 PM
  • Saturday close between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m

Bank of America Mailing Address

Knowing the address of your bank in which you have an account, or have made a fixed deposit, is not bad. It is actually a good practice, which also ensures that you have a backup in case you ever run into trouble with the bank. Some customers have had trouble reaching the right person through the Bank of America 24 hour customer service number.

Even emailing the corporate addresses does not help. At such times, writing an official mail to the addressed authoritative person to their headquarter address will be the right approach. The company may take a day or two to respond, but if your query is genuine, they will surely call you back or write a mail back to you with the information. Mailing the company should be your last resort to solve an issue. Start by calling them on their customer service number.

Bank of America Address:

Bank of America Corporate Center,
100 North Tryon Street,
Charlotte, NC 28255

People can write complaints to the different departments of BOA through the addresses at this page.

Bank of America Near Me

Finding a nearby branch for Bank of America should be a child’s play. You can visit its official store locator;

Bank of America Email & Chat Support

The Bank of America customer care service number is known to be very helpful and prompt in solving the queries or issues of their customers. It does not take more than a week to solve even the most unsolvable cases of their customers over their customer care number. Officially Bank of America does not provide any email support. 

But by using Bank Of America Feedback Page:, people can report their problems or give feedbacks. At the feedback form, account holders can share their experiences with the BOA services.

Bank of America Live Chat

If you are looking for customer service Bank of America online chat, you can use their Facebook and Twitter pages to message them privately as there is no separate chat service in its portal.

Bank of America Official Site

Now that you have already come in terms with the headquarter address, their customer service numbers, the timings, etc. You should also be well-aware of their official Bank of America website address. The site consists of a lot of information that even we may not be able to provide.

Such as the locations, latest news and posts, investment opportunities, investor relations, newsroom, partnering, hiring, and so much more. Also, the website gives you the direct link to schedule an appointment with them in case you want to take some loan or open a new account. Another advantage of going through the website is that you get a direct link to talk to them through Bank of America contact us page.


Social Networking Pages

Social Media has become one of the niches to get attention to your problem. There used to be a time when big companies and banks used to ignore issues raised by their customers. There have been cases where customers have been neglected while raising a complaint. But with social media, the Banks can no longer ignore you. And so is the case here with the Bank of America.

The Bank of America’s customer support spread all over the internet. In case you find your issue being ignored by their customer service number, or the support not being satisfactory, you can choose to contact them through their social media link and raise your complaint publicly. The company is bound to reply, as they need to maintain a positive outlook for them in the media. One wrong complaint and their reviews go down. But posting on social media about your issue should be your last resort towards solving the problem.

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Youtube:
  • Pinterest:
  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:

Bank of America Reviews

A major goal for our website is to provide customers with the most authentic and legit customer reviews related to the Bank of America telephone number, and email support. There have been customers who faced issues related to something or the other, and their complaints have gone ignored.

Hence we decided to do a detailed survey and a feedback session where we got in touch with some of Bank of Americas’ present and past customers. Almost 80% of the customers had positive reviews about the company, but there were some really interesting negative comments, which we wanted to share with our readers. Therefore, we have provided both some negative as well as positive reviews for the bank below.

A 50-year-old customer said, “My first account was opened with Bank of America, and they have maintained my trust. I have a fixed deposit on my wife’s name, and we have been living off it since I decided to retire early. They have excellent customer support”.

Another customer said, “I am a young businessman and it is difficult to get home loans passed easily at such a stage, but the Bank of America did pass my home loan”. A customer who did not seem to be very happy with their customer service said, “I have been trying to call them on their customer service number for so many days related to my credit card, but the service executives don’t seem to be interested in helping me at all. It’s frustrating and I have decided to try some other banks now”.


What time does Bank of America close?

The timing for Bank of America closing is 6 pm for all the weekdays that is Monday to Friday, and the Saturdays closing time is early, which is 2 pm.

What time does Bank of America open?

The timing for Bank of America opening is 9 am from Monday to Saturday.

Who owns Bank of America?

The Bank of America founded by Amadeo Giannini, which later acquired by the Nations bank at $62 billion US dollars. Currently, the owner of the bank is Berkshire Hathaway, with 10% of the shares. 

What time does Bank of America customer service open?

The Bank of America customer service opens at 8 am on all days of the week. 

How to email Bank of America customer service?

Bank of America unfortunately has not provided an email support for the customers to approach. 

What are Bank of America customer service hours?

Customer Service Hours of Bank of America are-8 a.m.-9 p.m. ET from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. ET on Saturdays and 8 a.m.-5 p.m. ET on Sundays.

How to contact the president of Bank of America home loans?

If you want to contact the president of the Bank of America home loans department, you will have to call them on their Bank of America 800 number which is 800-285-6000.

How to contact Bank of America on a Sunday?

BOA customer services on Sundays is open from 8 am to 5 pm during which you can call Bank of America customer service phone number at 1 (800) 432-1000. 

How to contact the local branch Bank of America?

If you wish to contact the local branch of Bank of America, you can do it in two ways. The first way is to search for that branch on their website in the store locator which will provide you detailed info for your desired branch.

How do I contact Bank of America corporate offices?

To contact the Bank of America corporate office, you can choose to mail them on their Bank of America corporate address, 100 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28255 or contact them through their email address.

What is Bank of America’s phone number?

The phone number of Bank of America is 00 1 315-724-4022.

How to chat with Bank of America?

There is no Bank of America chat support available in its portal. However, you can use the social media pages like facebook and twitter to message BOA privately.

Does Bank of America have 24/7 customer service?

No, the Bank of America does not have a 24/7 customer service.

Does Bank of America have 1800 numbers?

Yes, the Bank of America has several 1800 numbers, which are toll-free and we have provided all of them in our phone number list above.

How do I contact Bank of America outside the US?

To contact Bank of America outside the US, you can either mail them directly to their official email address or go to their website and click on the contact us page to get connected with a representative directly through their website.

How can I close a Bank of America account?

People who want to close the Bank of America account should visit the branch. Also, you can call BOA at 800.432.1000 to close your account. You can also send a written request to the BOA address for closing an account.


In this article, we shared several ways to contact BOA and get in touch with one of their representatives to address your problem. The bank is known for having a good reputation amongst its customers and is known for being one of the most reliable financial bodies. We have also provided the readers with the Bank of America headquarters address, their email address, phone numbers and social media links, which you can use to get in touch with the company any time you need it. 

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