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Xfinity Customer Care Numbers, Email and Mailing Address

The requirement for the Xfinity customer service is to get a clear comprehension of the customer’s viewpoint. Xfinity customer care helps in serving the organisation in a superior way. Additionally, customer assistance encourages Xfinity to get a handle on customer concerns and help the customers later on.

The customer support office watches out for customers in such a way, that the customer’s point of view and satisfaction levels can be analysed and surveyed capably so that on the off chance that they have any issues the equivalent can be remedied as ahead of schedule as could reasonably be expected. 

xfinity customer service image
Xfinity customer service image

Similarly, the customers would now have the decision to voice their inclinations at the right stage which understands their tendencies and are set up to take essential activities if they were not content with any of Xfinity’s affiliation or association.

Xfinity is depended on to make changes with the ultimate objective that will keep a note of the customer’s needs and wants and turn out basic improvements in their affiliation or association on their flights and reservations. Plus, Xfinity customer care benefits customers as the office helps customers with any help related to their products and services. 

Xfinity Customer Support

Xfinity is a subsidiary of the Comcast Corporation and is an exchange name of Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, presented in 2010. Xfinity items and administrations can be perused on It offers items for different specialities.

It has TV and streaming, mobile, home security, and home phone telephone. Xfinity Internet offers reliably quick speeds and is the biggest gig-speed arrangement with Unlimited hotspots. All double band Xfinity home passages work both a private system and an open system with the SSID Xfinity WiFi for the entire home.

WiFi manages, blocking dangerous perusing, hackers, malware etc. and to monitor transfer speed; the hotspots are topped at five synchronous clients. Television and streaming offer the customised favourites dashboard that places all top picks in a single spot on TV, fueled by 4K streaming gadget. Likewise, there is a Voice Remote supported by the Internet for no extra expense.

 Xfinity Cell Phone Service offers Unlimited talk and content on up to 5 lines, no telephone line or initiation expenses. The administration is sold solely to Comcast web and TV endorsers, with limited evaluation offered to explicit Xfinity supporters.

Likewise, their home security and home mechanisation administration are known as Xfinity Home furnishes private clients with security frameworks in homes. Xfinity telephone permits customizable global calling alternatives, in addition to boundless across the country calling, reliable help with the best call clearness, and propelled highlights like Xfinity Voicemail. Other than they additionally give a few deals and offers.

Xfinity Customer Service Phone Numbers

Xfinity Mobile Customer Service is free to help the clients and the entire strategy of client support is dealt with properly here in the most befitting way. Also, the numbers work at various timings for various areas. The following are the contact subtleties of the Xfinity Customer Service Number. Anybody can call upon the given numbers and ask their issue or inquiry.

Main Xfinity Support Numbers

Xfinity Phone Numbers
Toll Free Number1 (800) 934-6489
Customer Service (Xfinity Mobile Customer Service)(888) 936-4968
Xfinity Tech Support, Internet1-800-XFINITY

Xfinity Customer Service Hours

Xfinity Customers can ask about their issues through the customer service approach on various issues and are available 24/7. So, you can call them at any time and clear your issues. The operational hours of Xfinity are 11 am to 6 pm. 

Xfinity Corporate Office Address

People can mail their queries and issues at the Comcast Headquarters, Comcast Center 1701 JFK Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19103 by postal mail. The Xfinity corporate office can be contacted directly as well for the purpose or through other contact methods.

Xfinity Official Website / Contact Us page

If Xfinity Contact Number is not working, you can get the support through their official portal. The official site to get in touch with Xfinity is It shows the various modes by which the people may get in touch with them for issues related to Xfinity. People may share their doubts as well as questions by calling them, by post or through web-based live-chats (, by help from specialists, social media and forums etc.

Xfinity Connect Email

Particularly there is no email provided by the Xfinity customer support. However, you can be connected on the website by clicking on the My Account. Additional Xfinity Ids can be added to the account as well, up to a total of 7.

Social Media Links of Xfinity

The Xfinity can be connected through social media means as well. The details of the Xfinity social media links are as under:

Xfinity Reviews

Xfinity is an auxiliary of the Comcast Corporation and is a trading name of Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, exhibited in 2010. Products and services of Xfinity can be browsed on It offers things for various specialities and has TV and streaming, mobile, home security, home phone telephone. With Xfinity, Comcast conveys the best in Internet, TV, voice, mobile and home administration, all cooperating to give clients moment access to the things that issue most – anyplace, whenever.

Xfinity Internet Customer Service can be come to by various strategies like email, online life, by post and by telephone number for Xfinity. Xfinity is relied upon to make changes with a definitive target that will keep a note of the client’s perspectives and turn out fundamental enhancements in their connection or affiliation. Also, Xfinity client care benefits clients as the organisation helps clients with fundamental assistance with their administrations.      

Xfinity Near Me

There are several Xfinity Locations which makes it hard to identify the one near you. You can find your nearest Xfinity store on its official Store Locator. Just select the state, city of yours and see all the stores close to your location. You can also find the stores in Google Maps by entering ‘Xfinity store’ followed by your location in search engine.

How to cancel Comcast Xfinity?

One can cancel Comcast Xfinity by several methods like call Xfinity Customer Service to direct one through the procedure (1 (800) 934-6489), chat with them (, fill up the cancellation form mentioned in the website, visiting the neighbourhood Xfinity Store, Completing a basic cancellation form at Xfinity Cancel Service page ( and mailing a crossing out solicitation, including one’s first and last name, administration address, account number and telephone number to:

Comcast Cable
1701 JFK Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19103


What is the Phone Number for Xfinity Customer Service?

The phone number of Xfinity Customer Service is 1 (800) 934-6489.

How to call Xfinity Customer Service?

One can call Xfinity Customer Support Number, 1 (800) 934-6489.

Can I Email Xfinity? How to Email Xfinity Customer Service?

No, there is no Email service provided by the Xfinity. You can instead chat with them or call the toll free number for any support.

Where is Xfinity Customer Service Located?

Xfinity Customer Service is located at many locations. The nearest Xfinity Customer Service Center can be accessed on

How to contact Xfinity?

Xfinity can be contacted by many means like live chat (, phone (1 (800) 934-6489), forums, social media etc.

How do I get a Comcast Agent on the Phone?

You can talk to an Comcast Xfinity agent on phone by calling them on their customer service number, 1 (800) 934-6489. 

How do I contact Comcast by Phone?

One can connect to Comcast by phone using- 1-800-391-3000.

How to connect to Xfinity Chat?

One can connect Xfinity Customer Service Chat on and clicking on “Ask Now” under Chat with Xfinity option.

Where is Xfinity Headquarters?

Xfinity Headquarters is at Philadelphia, USA

Who owns Xfinity?

Comcast Corporation owns Xfinity. 

What time does Xfinity Close?

While Xfinity offers 24/7 customer service, the retail stores close at 6 pm. 

What time does Xfinity Open?

Xfinity provides 24/7 customer support. The retail stores open at 11 am.

Final Words

The Xfinity Customer Service has various methods by which individuals can contact them which are referenced on the Xfinity’s site. They are responsive and subsequently answer to the inquiries of the clients in the ideal manner. The customers also are benefitted as they can accordingly connect with Comcast Xfinity Customer Service through the different means and voice their interests to the legitimate specialists who may make essential strides in regards to the equivalent. Xfinity Tech Support has thought about the fulfilment of the individuals and this is the fundamental explanation for incorporating the customer care service for the individuals.

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