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MetroPCS Customer Service Phone Numbers | Email Id

MetroPCS is a prepaid company, which is owned by T- Mobile. Also known as Metro, the company provides telecommunication services to the residents of the United States. The company merged with T- mobile in 2013 and started its services from T- Mobile itself. MetroPCS consists of a team of experts meant only for solving the queries and problems of its customers.

As it is a telecommunication service provider company, it is quite apparent that the customers would have queries regarding signing up for a new service, changing of services, technical issues and many more. The MetroPCS customer service is thereby trained from time to time to make sure that the team is trained appropriately upgraded to solve the problems of the customers.

Metro by T-Mobile

metro pcs customer service image
Metro PCS customer service image

MetroPCS was started by Roger D. Linquist and Malcolm Lorang in 1994, under the name General Wireless Inc. Personal Communication Service or PCS was the service launched in the year 2002 by Metro and gained fame immediately. The PCS services helped Metro in having around 1.5 million subscribers from the United States by February 2005. After that, MetroPCS made its first stock market debut in April, which landed in a big success. 

One of the biggest news related to Metro was when it merged with T- Mobile USA. Both the companies had their merger confirmed in October 2012, after which there was a reverse merger for Metro PCS, which ended the deal in May 2013.

The merging of MetroPCS with T-Mobile gave birth to new services and features, which was loved by the customers. To maintain its company, MetroPCS has a very well team of customer care units, which makes sure to keep its customers well informed about payments, new services, and get their queries cleared. The customer care unit is trained regarding all the genres, as one cannot predict the concerns at hand.

Metro PCS Customer Service Number

One can get in contact with the customer care unit of MetroPCS through several methods. In this section, we will let you know about the most preferred method of communication with the customer care unit, i.e. through the phone. In the table below, you would get the Metro PCS customer service phone number, which would help you in getting in touch with the customer care unit of Metro PCS.

Main Metro PCS Customer Care Numbers

Main Metro PCS Phone Number
Customer Service Metro PCS Number1-888-8metro8 (888-863-8768)
*611 from your Metro by T-Mobile phone

Other Metro by T Mobile Customer Service Numbers

Other Metro PCS Contact Number
Make a Payment (Metro PCS Payment Phone Number)1-888-8metro8 (888-863-8768)
*99 from your Metro by T-Mobile phone
Premium Handset Protection  Assurant 1-800-316-2075

Metro PCS Customer Service Hours

MetroPCS hours for customer support are 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Customer care unit of MetroPCS is trained to solve the problems of its customers with a 24/7 support line. For Metro PCS, the Metro PCS hours of operation are from 10 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Saturday, while Sunday is a weekend for the customer care unit. You can call the customer service any time and get your queries cleared. The best time to call the MetroPCS support unit is during 9 AM, as the line is free and one can easily connect to an associate of the customer care unit of Metro PCS.

Metro PCS Corporate Office Address or Headquarters

Another method of communicating with the MetroPCS customer care unit is by writing letters to the headquarters of Metro PCS. You can write your queries, complaints and even suggestions to them through writing letters. Here’s the address of the headquarters of the Metro PCS, which would help you to communicate with the Metro PCS customer service live person.

MetroPCS Communications, Inc.
2250 Lakeside Boulevard
Richardson, Texas 75082, USA
Phone: 214 570 5800

MetroPCS Official Website

You can get all the information about the latest news, services, and many more relevant things, on the official website of Metro PCS, which is The link will take you to the official website of Metro PCS, where you can find all relevant information like modes of payment, plans, new services, cancellation of services, exciting deals, contact information through various means and many more.

Once you visit the website, you would easily understand the way it works, as it is designed in a simple manner. MetroPCS makes sure that the site is simple to understand as it would help the customers in understanding the deals and other offers.

Metro PCS Email Support

MetroPCS does not have any specific email address or chat services. Though you can contact them through email by typing your ten-digit phone number, followed by in the email address, and then write your complaints or queries regarding any matters to telecommunication services provided by Metro PCS.

Through this method, you can write your queries, the reply to which you would get within 48 hours. You can even subscribe to the email services of MetroPCS by clicking on the “subscribe to email notifications” available in the official website of the Metro PCS, and can get regular updates about new services and news about Metro PCS. If this not works, you can call Metro PCS customer service number 24/7, 888-863-8768. Coming to the live MetroPCS live chat, there is no Metro PCS customer service chat option provided officially.

MetroPCS Social Media

One can even connect with MetroPCS through social media websites. MetroPCS is available in various social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. Below are the links through which you can remain connected with Metro PCS.

MetroPCS Near Me

You can find the official MetroPCS store near you using their store locator, Also, you can search ‘Metro PCS near me’ in Google Maps and get the closest store address along with contact details and operating hours.  

MetroPCS Review

MetroPCS is one of the most famous names in the United States, in the field of telecommunication services. More than half of the population in the United States have subscribed to MetroPCS due to its excellent services, offers and budget friendly plans. Due to such reasons, MetroPCS has earned the fame that it rightly deserved. To make sure that the company maintains its reputation, it has designed an excellent customer care unit, as it believes in serving the people.

With this motto, MetroPCS has recruited some of the best people in the field of customer care. While most are new, rest other associates are quite trained, and the company makes sure that it trains and upgrades its customer care unit from time to time. The reason for this is, as technology grows day to day, so are the problems and to make sure that the customers do not face any issues due to new technologies, the company makes sure that its team is well trained regarding this matter.


Who owns Metro PCS?

MetroPCS is owned by T- Mobile US. 

When did T- mobile buy Metro PCS?

T- Mobile bought MetroPCS in the year 2013.

How can I talk to a MetroPCS representative?

You can talk to a representative of MetroPCS by dialling on the toll-free number 888 863 8768. There are other numbers too, explicitly meant for claims and order related queries.

What time does MetroPCS open?

MetroPCS opens at 10 AM every day, from Monday to Saturday and has 24/7 customer services. 

What is MetroPCS customer service number?

The 24 hour Metro PCS customer service phone number is 888 863 8768.

What time does MetroPCS close?

MetroPCS closes at 6 PM from Monday to Saturday while the customer services work around 24/7. 

How do I contact MetroPCS after hours?

You can contact MetroPCS after hours, by writing an email to them. You have to type your ten-digit number, followed by and send your queries through email.

How to contact a live person at Metro PCS?

You can contact a live person at MetroPCS by dialling the number 888 863 8768. The waiting time to connect with an associate of MetroPCS is approximately 12 minutes

How do I contact MetroPCS corporate headquarters?

You can contact the headquarters of MetroPCS by either writing a letter to the address given below or by calling them in the number provided.
MetroPCS Communications, Inc.
2250 Lakeside Boulevard
Richardson, Texas 75082, USA
MetroPCS phone number: 214 570 5800

What is the 800 number for MetroPCS customer service?

The Metro PCS 800 number is 1 (888) 863-8768. You can get the best response from this number.

How late is MetroPCS customer service open?

Metro PCS support is available for 24*7 if one dial *611 form the MetroPCS phone.

What are the hours for MetroPCS customer service?

The hours of MetroPCS customer services operate 24/7.

How to email MetroPCS customer service?

You can email the customer service of MetroPCS by typing your ten-digit number, followed by The expected time for a reply is 48 hours.

How do you chat online with a MetroPCS representative?

You can email the customer care unit of MetroPCS and get a reply within 48 hours. There is no Metro PCS chat support in its official portal.

What network does MetroPCS use?

MetroPCS uses the network of T- Mobile.

Where is the closest Metro PCS?

MetroPCS has its retail stores all over the United States. You can get the closest store by visiting their official store locator, 

Is MetroPCS the same as T- Mobile?

No, MetroPCS is not the same as T- Mobile. Though T- Mobile owns Metro PCS, both are different from each other.

Does MetroPCS have a live chat?

No, there is no live MetroPCS chat, though one can contact the Metro PCS 24 hour customer service through the toll- free number and email services.

Is MetroPCS customer service 24 hours?

Yes, MetroPCS contact number for customer service is available to call 24 hours. You can dial *611 and clear your queries.


MetroPCS is a renowned telecommunication service provider company with expert customer support systems and quick-witted representatives who can resolve any concerns and issues that customers approach them with. To enable this service and to make the customers’ life more comfortable, they came up with different approaches for customer support like contact by phone, email, website approach and also through social media. Above details summarizes everything required for customers to approach with their queries.

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