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AT&T Customer Service Numbers – They serve you with care 24/7!

AT&T is a fast-developing company that involves the development and establishment of communication among the customers. It mainly focuses on customers’ experience and satisfaction. The customers must have a seamless establishment without any disturbances and distortion. AT&T does not really believe in offering a range of channels to its customers.

Customers expect real-time technology no matter the kinds of devices that they work on. Customers expect high-speed communication to be it chatting through an app or calling a person. AT&T offers a solution to these problems by developing an omnichannel for their customers for easy communication to take place.

at&t customer service image
AT&T customer service image

Customers expect a high-quality interaction between one another. Therefore, AT&T focuses on a unified omnichannel for the customer’s usage. The customers expect that their data is shared and received continuously, whether on the phone or an app or online. They also expect to be able to use apps and watch videos even while the phone is engaged in a call or other activities.

That’s when the AT&T customer service steps in and offers their real-time solutions. The customers also expect to be able to browse through various portals on the internet effortlessly. AT&T has fixed itself on the customer’s wishes and has come up with multiple solutions so that the customer can communicate and interact smoothly. AT&T provides connectivity and technology, along with entertainment to their customers. Go through this article to know about AT & T for their services and products.

AT&T Customer Support

AT&T customer service has been in business for almost 140 years. ATT has come a long way since then. With the invention of the transistor and the solar cells, AT&T has improved a great deal over the years. AT&T has helped to redesign and implement real-time communication systems over these years. At present, AT&T contributes to the world’s fastest and high-speed networks.

This is directly sent to the consumer’s end. The AT&T combat distortion and delays as much as possible to give the customers efficient support for their interaction and data sharing. The AT&T is in partnership with Warner media and has been for the past 100 years. AT & T promises to deliver the best content to its customers at a very high eminence.

Content of AT&T is distributed to 175 countries. AT&T also helps to advertise and helps the manufacturer reach their customers and end-users at a large scale. The AT&T makes it a point that the service put forth from its side is available to the customer at any time and taking into consideration that the price of these services seems feasible to the customer.

AT&T follows a set of rules to be at with their competitors. AT&T and believe that to gain customers, they need to fully understand the needs of the customers and deliver their services. Company must be updated about the latest technology. AT&T pays attention to delivering effortless integration while establishing communication for their customers.

The AT&T promise is completely customer-oriented and reliable and also helps to build an error-free channel for their customers. AT&T incorporates all the latest technology such as automation, artificial intelligence and IoT for the best services. The AT&T is quite accomplished in their field and they have got their ties with most of the multinational companies in the world.

AT&T Customer Service Number

AT&T provides you assistance and support at 1-800-288-2020. You will get more personalized contact details based on the device or necessity of your concern once you log-in to your AT&T account. 

AT&T Contact Number

AT and T Customer Service Number for Internet billing and account is mentioned in the below table. For other numbers you can check the next section.

Main AT&T Customer Support Number
AT&T Customer Care Number (Internet Bill & account)1-800-288-2020

Other AT&T Support Numbers

ATT Customer Care numbers of all other services are as follows,

  • AT&T Phone Number To Pay Bill: 
    • From your AT&T wireless phone, Dial *PAY (*729)
    • ATT Phone Number for Spanish-speaking customers: Dial *PAGAR (*72427)
    • After dialing, press 1 for payment through bank account or 2 for payment with a debit/credit card.
  • AT&T Prepaid Customer Service:
    • Bill & account: 800.901.9878
    • Support for Travel Abroad: +1.408.962.1025
  • AT&T Wireless Customer Service Numbers:
    • Bill & account: 800.331.0500
    • New Service: 888.333.6651
    • Order Status: 877.782.8870
    • Support for Travel Abroad: +1.314.925.6925
    • Disability Resources: TTY 866.241.6567, Voice 866.241.6568
  • AT&T Internet Customer Service Numbers:
    • AT&T Technical Support: 800.288.2020
    • New Service: 866.861.6075
    • ConnecTech paid technical support: 866.294.3464
    • Disability Resources: TTY 800.651.5111, Voice 866.772.3140
  • AT&T Business Customer Service:
    • Wireless Care, Service and Billing Questions: 800.331.0500
    • Business Wireless Customers: 866.499.8008 (Call regarding Premier Site Navigation, Ordering Support and Account Management)
  • AT&T TV Customer Service:
    • Bill & account: 1-800-288-2020
    • Tech Support: 1-800-288-2020
    • Disability Resources: TTY 800.651.5111, Voice 866.772.3140

AT&T Customer Service Hours

The AT&T is open for tech support on all days of the week for 24 hours. While the customer support in general is available from 8 am-7 pm (Monday – Friday), 8 am–5 pm Saturday. Also, the support hours change based on the service. So, better call them between 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. On Sundays most of the customer services of AT&T are closed. However, the tech support is available 24/7.

Customers can call AT and T Phone Number during any time of the day. Operating AT&T hours of headquarters are 9 am to 8 pm from Monday to Thursday and 11 am to 7 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. The headquarters are closed on Sundays. 

AT&T Headquarters

The customers who have any problems or are facing issues with any of the services or support provided by AT&T can mail their concerns to the headquarters at the below-mentioned Corporate address. You can also call the AT&T Corporate Phone Number mentioned below. It uses a San Antonio area code as the main office is located in Dallas.

208 S. Akard St.
Dallas, Texas
AT&T Corporate Office Phone Number: (210) 821-4105

The customers can visit the company by typing “AT&T customer service store near me” in the google search engine.

AT&T Official Website

Customers can visit the AT&T for more information on the kind of support and services they provide. The customer has to visit the official website to get a better idea of the company’s amenities. The official website is

AT&T Store Near Me

Find the nearest ATT store using this AT&T Store Locator. Enter your Zip code or city and state and get all the AT&T locations near you. You can also get them through the Google Maps, but for effective info better check the store locator provided by AT&T.

AT&T Email Support

The customers who are willing to send their feedback, be it positive or negative where the services need improvements, have to visit the official website and send their feedback and clear their doubts as well.

For AT&T Customer Service Chat support, visit and click on the AT&T Live Chat service.

AT&T Social Media Links

A lot of companies who are willing to reach their customers have adapted a business tactic by creating social media links to be available for their customer in the apps they use the most. As today the use of social media is quite extensive, the AT&T finds it as a platform to promote their services and gain customers. AT&T has various social media links.

AT&T Review

A lot of customers who have had experiences with the AT&T customer service earlier have reviewed it. Customers have reported that when travelling abroad, they have faced minimal issues with AT&T data services on their cell phone and have found this to be a great help to them.

Few customers who bought new phones and wanted help with the transfer of essential data from their old phones to new claims that they received great support from the staff working at the AT&T store and have indeed made the transfer easier and safe for the customers. AT&T does not have a lot of negative reviews and if present they are related to a poor connection due to secluded locations where the satellite finds it challenging to reach the earth station for passing the data.


Who owns AT&T?

AT&T is majorly owned by a person named Randall L. He has been one of the principal shareholders of AT&T from 1982 and is also the current CEO. AT & T has other shareholders too who are John T Stankey, John J Stephens, and Rafael de la Vega.

What is the phone number for AT&T customer service?

AT&T has got a lot of customer service numbers. But the commonly used AT&T Customer Service Number 24/7 is 1-800-288-2020. 

How to chat with AT&T customer service?

Customers who wants to specifically use the AT&T chat service regarding the issues and problems that they face, can visit the official website and feel free to chat with the company’s AI bot.

How do I contact the AT&T corporate office?

To contact the AT&T corporate office can dial the telephone number (210)821-4105 and share their problems with the employees who will give them a solution. If not reachable, you can call AT&T Customer Service Phone Number 24/7, 1-800-288-2020.

How do I contact AT&T to complain?

The customers who have complaints concerning the services can reach them online through the website or call the company at 800-331-0500. You can mail their headquarters at Dallas, Texas, United States. 

Where is the AT&T headquarters?

The AT&T headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas.

What time does AT&T customer service close?

AT&T Customer Services are available till 7 pm from Monday to Friday and 5 pm on Saturdays and closed on Sundays. Based on service the closing time varies.

What time does AT&T customer service open?

The AT&T customer services are open from 8 am everyday and closed on Sundays. 

How to email AT&T customer service?

The customer can email the AT&T customer service at

Final Words

The customers who are willing to gain information about the services provided by the AT&T customer service can go through the article. This article gives insight and through and through information about the AT&T customer service numbers and addresses. The customers can also send their valuable feedback to the AT&T customer service by emailing the company.

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