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Tracfone Customer Support Numbers & Email Id

Heard new about Tracfone? Want to get swapped into it? Are you overcompensating to your phone services? Nothing to panic. The solution is Tracfone. Tracfone brings you the best payment systems for cell phone assistance from different grades and trademarks. You just need to keep your phone with you along with your phone number. You can get nationwide 4g LTE service and compensate less each month.

Help us assist you with how to reach Tracfone without hurdling yourself with any doubts and confusion. You can connect for the upgrading of your device, get to know more about your phone’s features, track your orders. Below is a summary of how to reach Tracfone customer care easily when you want to register yourself to Tracfone or when you are messed up with Tracfone services.

Tracfone Wireless Inc.

tracfone customer service image
Tracfone customer service image

Entrenched initially in 1966 as Topp Telecom Inc., Tracfone Wireless Inc. is a refunding cell phone company. It is the child company of American Movil. Tracfone is an MVNO that uses brand networks like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile networks and assists its consumers.

Tracfone provides flexible plans, powerful, 4G LTE countrywide coverage, affordable plans- running on America’s largest and most dependable network. To avoid getting locked into a contract, you can switch Tracfone immediately to discover the right plans for you.

Compared to all other cellular telephonic firms that provide prepaid in the United States, Tracfone is best known for being the most significant forum to supply contract-less prepaids for its wireless communication systems all over the United States of America. It provides the cheapest contract-less plans for smartphones and regular cell phones for just the price of $7 per month, $15 for 30 days, and $ 20 for 90 days. It is the most reliable and speediest data connecting systems.

Despite its biggest con is its restriction for texting internationally, yet users have shown positive reaction towards its data plans such as the most cost-effective plans for light to heavy cell talk and textphone users who use less than 3 GB of data a month. $125 smartphone annual plan includes 125 minutes, texts, data MBs per month. You can also get 1 GB data along with unlimited talk and text at just $20 per month.

Tracfone Customer Service Number

Customer care numbers consider themselves to be of the utmost crucial detail for the customer assistance of any profitable or non-profitable organization. But most of the time, Tracfone Customer Assistance numbers fail to give their best out of assistance to their customers. Anyhow it is our primary duty to mention all the possible analytic facts related to the Tracfone assistance commission.

It is unlikely to say that these phone numbers don’t receive calls at all. They indeed do pick up the calls but may be out of lethargies, they respond to only a few. You can also find an online chat or live chat option in the “CONTACT US” section in the master web page of Tracfone. The assistants for this live chat are available between 8 am-11:45 pm EST for seven days each week.

Tracfone Phone Number

Tracfone customer service phone number that is available all 7 days a week is given below. So you can get Tracfone technical support and get all issues solved on any day in a week.

Tracfone Contact Number Details
Tracfone Telephone Number1-800-867-7183 

Tracfone Customer Service Hours

Tracfone Customer Assistant Centres operate from 8 AM to 11:45 PM (EST) seven days a week. The best time to call the representatives of this Tracfone phones customer service bureau is at 8:30 am by dialing +1-800-867-7183; it is a toll-free number.

Tracfone Corporate Office Address

Customers are suggested to send postal mails to the corporate address of Tracfone to receive any acknowledgments of replies from the queries submitted by you. This is another method to reach out for help from Tracfone.

Tracfone Corporate Office Address (U.S.):

TracFone Wireless, Inc.
Attn: Executive Resolution Department
9700 N.W. 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178

Tracfone Website

If you do not want to waste your existing data unnecessarily, then just go and switch on to Tracfone Unlimited Carryover Data to get unlimited talk-time followed by texts. Get yourself drowned in the era of Tracfone while you visit its master website:

This master page has varieties of options for you, like the refilling of your airtime service if you have an airtime service plan. If you don’t have one, then it is here where you can grab the chance to get an airtime service plan. Not only this, you can shop phones from the top brands, including Apple, LG, and Samsung. You can also get your sim kit here and enjoy Tracfone service without any interruption. Find everything that fits your fancy. If you love your phone or a phone matter to you the most, then 

Tracfone Email Support & Chat

Tracofone does not reportedly have email support officially but it does have a live chat option like mentioned above. You can access Tracfone chat at

Tracfone Near Me

To find the nearest Tracfone to you, you can always access their official store locator at

Tracfone Social Media

Social networking platforms are considered to be the most effective platforms for an organization. They seem to update news, facts actively and give announcements about the latest devices or commencement of programs, events, awards, competition, growths, etc. They also tend to clarify doubts of their customers from which Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are better known for their typical instant replies. Here are some of the networking sources filled with enough resources to feed its customers.

Tracfone Reviews

As popular as a brand Tracfone is, it does have its perks and blows in customer perspective. There are some Tracfone customer service complaints along with most of the positive reviews.

Anonymous, SC (2.5/5.0)

Experience with Tracfone is neutral, neither bad nor good. Using it for over seven years. Still running smoothly with calls, etc. despite the operating system of Tracfone devices flap a lot in between.

Anonymous, DC (1.5/5.0)

I transferred my 80-year-old grandmother’s number to a more straightforward phone for him to use. The number transfer went smooth but lost data, test and minutes. 1.8 GB data, 1928 test and 3201 minutes were gone. When asked about it to the representatives, they told me that they forgot to hack a note of the accrued minutes. She has been a customer for years. Such is not a proper way to treat a long-time customer.


What is the phone number for TracFone?

Call Tracfone at 1-800-867-7183 if you have a question regarding Tracfone, or need more information or have a suggestion or any complaint. If you are the registered customer of Tracfone, then you must provide your Tracfone Serial Number and your Tracfone Number to the Tracfone Customer Assistance Resolution Department while contacting them to receive the best possible assistance.

Where is Tracfone customer service located?

Your nearest Tracfone store is the initial helpline hub available for your assistance, The official headquarters is located at TracFone Wireless, Inc.
Attn: Executive Resolution Department
9700 N.W. 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178.

How do I contact Tracfone?

If you want to speak to a representative of the Tracfone customer service bureau, over your phone itself, then call +1-800-867-7183 for any help you wish regarding your Tracfone devices and products. You can also get in touch using their live chat support,

How to send Email to a Tracfone?

Tracfone does not provide email support. You can always opt for Tracfone online chat at or call on their customer services at 1-800-867-7183. 

What are the hours for Tracfone Customer Service?

The office of Tracfone customer service keeps its representatives alert seven days a week from 8:00 am to 11:45 pm (EST) for your assistance. Speak to them between these particular timing to get a better solution to your confusion and disagreements. 

How do I talk to a live person at Tracfone?

You can talk to a live person in one of their stores nearer to you or their headquarters at TracFone Wireless, Inc., Attn: Executive Resolution Department, 9700 N.W. 112th Avenue, Miami, FL 33178. You can also call their customer support at 1-800-867-7183.


This folio is the designated search result of Tracfone, true to all the facts and knowledge. It’s free guidance and help desk to all your queries of Tracfone you have always been looking for here and there. 

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