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Simple Mobile Customer Care – The One Step Solution to Everything Cellular!

In this 21st century, living without a cellular connection is considered something similar to living in a cave-like the prehistoric ages. From connecting with others via calls and texts to managing bank accounts, from social media to paying bills, the cellular connection has become the ultimate mode one can rely on for all those various jobs to do, without being present at the space or hanging on the long queues. Simple Mobile provides excellent network facilities to do these jobs effortlessly.

simple mobile customer service image
Simple Mobile customer service image

But, with great versatility, comes significant complications as well. With increasing competition in the cellular market with every passing minute, companies are coming up with so many different sim and other cellular services, which can confuse anybody. Simple Mobile being a versatile and a vast network service, it requires a striking customer care to clear the concerns of its users. Moreover, with ever-increasing customers, network and other grievances have increased as well. So, both the providers and the customer need a dedicated space where they can not only clear all the doubts and questions arise about the service but also can lodge their grievances as well.

Simple Mobile Services – Who they are and what they do?

In the United States, Simple Mobiles are one of the big names in the prepaid mobile service provider, which is known for providing voice, data and messaging services across the mainland USA. The company was established in November 2009 and headquartered in Miami, Florida. In 2012, American prepaid mobile service giant TracFone Wireless acquired Simple Mobile and since then, the brand has been working as their sister organization.

The service of Simple Mobile was distributed among different month-to-month packages, which consists of free call hours, unlimited texting and a decent amount of data per day. Since 2010, the company has also started unlimited data in different packages as well. Moreover, as it is an online-based service and all their services and cellular packages are sold online, it makes way more accessible for the customers to choose and select their desired packages as well. Along with cellular services, Simple Mobile phones also bring a 5G connection to the United States for the first time as well.

A Simple Mobile is also known for selling a wide range of mobile phones as well. The online store includes models from Huawei and Samsung and premium ones like Apple as well. 

Simple Mobile Customer Services

For any organization, which is associated with providing services to customers, having customer care is something mandatory. A customer care service is not only helping the organization to keep in touch with all their customers on a one-to-one basis, but they also assure a safe space, where the other party can lodge their complaints and queries about the services and cellular packages. Like all the other service providers, Simple Mobile Customer care is also very dedicated to what they do best. The Simple Mobile customer service phone number and other details are mentioned below:

Simple Mobile Customer Service Number

The Simple Mobile wireless communication service has one dedicated customer service number for all their customers. One can call that number and get all the necessary details about the service plan they are choosing. One can ask for solutions and lodge their complaints with that Simple Mobile customer number as well.

Simple Mobile Contact Numbers
Toll-free Customer Service Simple Mobile Number1-877-878-7908
Toll-Free Number for Residents of California1-800-649-7570

Simple Mobile Customer Service Hours

Though the Simple Mobile Customer Service Number is accessible 24×7, the active hours are restricted if you are planning to have a conversation with the Customer care executive. The timing for the communication with customer service representatives in Simple Mobile is scheduled from 8 AM to 11.45 PM (EST) 365 days a year.

DaysHours of Operation
Monday08.00 AM – 11.45 PM 
Tuesday08.00 AM – 11.45 PM
Wednesday08.00 AM – 11.45 PM
Thursday08.00 AM – 11.45 PM
Friday08.00 AM – 11.45 PM
Saturday08.00 AM – 11.45 PM
Sunday08.00 AM – 11.45 PM

Simple Mobile Corporate Office Address

Other than calling over the phone and talking to the representative, one can also write directly to the company about all the queries and grievances they have about the services and products provided by the Simple Mobile. Sending a letter to the corporate office of Simple Mobile is as effective as calling on the toll-free number as well. the official mail address for the Simple Mobile is as follows-

Simple Mobile Corporation Office

Attn: Executive Resolution Department

9700 N.W. 112th Avenue

Miami, FL 33178

Simple Mobile Official Website and Contact Us Page

One can also go to the Simple Mobile official website and redirected to their “contact us” age to get connected with the customer representatives. There is a dedicated “online chat” option, which can involve both the representative and the customer on a one-to-one Simple Mobile customer service chat about all the quarries and grievances.

Social Media Handles

Social media is another robust tool in today’s time, to set up a connection between the giver and the taker. So, one can anytime tag the service provider to a grievance post or also can send them direct messages stating about the recurrent problems they are facing, if needed. The active social media handles of the Simple Mobile is as follows:

Simple Mobile Customer Service Review

While writing a review about the customer service of Simple Mobile, two words which are coming to my mind is efficiency and accuracy. The representatives are present in the calling end for long hours and they are always ready to solve all the problems you are facing with your Simple Mobile cellular services. The number is also toll-free, so it does not charge any money upon calling as well.

Other than calling facilities, Simple Mobile also has a “chat with representative” option on their official website. Upon availing that option, the customer can chat in detail with properly programmed autoboots, which can solve more or less all the basic package and connection related problems one can face. Moreover, the customer care representatives are also patient and cordial and also give all their ears and effort to solve the issues you are facing at that point in time.


What phones work with a Simple Mobile sim card?

Simple Mobile sim cards are pretty versatile and they are capable of working on all sorts of mobile phones, including all the regular and premium brands like Huawei, Samsung and Apple iPhones.

What carrier does Simple Mobile use?

Simple Mobile runs on Cellular network giant T-Mobile networks. In other words, the Simple Mobile corporation is the sister cooperation of the TracFone wireless and depends on the infrastructure provided by the latter.

Where to buy a Simple Mobile sim card?

One of the best things about Simple Mobile Sim and other cellular packages is that one can buy them over their website and the sim package will reach to their doorsteps. You can also buy Simple Mobile Sim cards from famous e-commerce websites like Amazon, etc., as well.

How good is a Simple Mobile?

Simple Mobile cellular services are considered as one of the best in the Mainland USA. Their network range is good. their calling and data packages are exciting and designed to curate all the needs and necessities of the customers. Disruption in the network is also pretty low.

How much is a Simple Mobile sim card?

A generic Simple Mobile Sim Card, except any introductory packages and services, can cost at only $0.99, which is less than a dollar.

What towers does Simple Mobile use?

Simple Mobile uses its mother organization T-Mobile’s infrastructure, including its towers as well to distribute its network among customers.

How to pay Simple Mobile bills online?

On the official website, Simple Mobile has its own dedicated section for the customers, named “My Accounts.” In this segment, after successfully logged in, customers can view all the relative details about sim cards and packages they have chosen. Paying mobile bills is also possible through that segment as well.

How to cancel a Simple Mobile?

One can call the toll free Simple Mobile Customer Service number. Else, request a “service Cancellation” on your “My Account” page. After getting the cancellation request, the respective service care representatives will work on it as soon as possible and help the customer to dismiss their Simple Mobile service.

What is the number of Simple Mobile customer service?

The toll-free Simple Mobile phone number is 1-877-878-7908.

How to speak to an agent at Simple Mobile customer care?

To speak to the customer care representative of the Simple Mobile, the customer has to call in the toll-free customer service number. After successfully following-up on the instructions given, they can talk to the respective representative.

How to set up language for Simple Mobile customer service?

After calling the Simple Mobile customer service number, the customers can choose their desired language between English and Español, by either pressing 1 or 2 on the phone keypad.


To conclude this article, it can easily be said that the customer service in Simple Mobile is pretty apt and efficient and they are entirely in a position to solve all the queries and grievances; customers came with. So, next time, whenever you feel some minimum bumps with your Simple Mobile Cellular services, feel free to connect to the Simple Mobile customer support representatives over the phone, or over online chat as well. One can also directly write to the authorities and expect a prompt reply.

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