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Fitbit Customer Support Phone Number, Email and More

Let’s start this piece by simply asking ourselves a question – What is Fitbit? How does it help us? Do I really need a Fitbit in my day to day life? Is a Fitbit even required? Well, the answer to all those questions is going to be shared with you here, along with some other essential points to address such as Fitbit Customer Service information.

A Fitbit is a kind of a smartwatch that you wear on your wrist. It can do almost everything that you can think of. Whether it be receiving a phone call, from monitoring your heart rate, to even counting your steps.

Fitbit customer service image
Fitbit customer service image

Yes, Fitbit is required in our day to day life. Why? Because obesity has become a problem, and it helps you in monitoring your heart rate, calorie count, even your sleep. But what is more important than that, is the fact – what should you do, in case your Fitbit incurs some issue after you have bought it?

Every company like Fitbit has provided its customers with Fitbit customer support that will help you by addressing all your needs. In our article we will be sharing their numbers, mailing address and more such information to help you in your journey.


If you check out the website of Fitbit or pay a visit to the nearest Fitbit outlet, you will get the opportunity of gaining knowledge about the products and services provided by the company. The primary outcome of the company is smartwatches. You can get premium smartwatches by paying a visit to any outlet of Fitbit, or you always have the facility of buying them online as well.

You can even buy accessories for your Fitbit. Accessories like belt, hook, cover and many more accessories are available in the shops of Fitbit. To get a new look for your Fitbit, you can buy accessories online or from the shops.

Fitbit also gives you the facility to buy their goodies as well. You can get Fitbit t-shirts, hoodies, headbands, and many more. You can easily buy it by visiting the nearest Fitbit shop. The company also provides services like Fitbit coach.

You can buy the premium package of Fitbit to get more maintenance facilities from the company. To get more information about the services and the products provided by Fitbit, you can pay a visit to the Fitbit shop or check the official website of the company.

Fitbit Customer Care Phone Numbers

Every company needs to make sure that their customers do not encounter any issue with their product. But not everyone is perfect, and so is Fitbit. They know that their customers may require further information, or may have some issue with the malfunctioning of the product.

Thus, the company has provided several Fitbit contact numbers that differ from place to place. Therefore, we have gathered all the information regarding Fitbit Customer Service that you will find below. All these Fitbit customer service phone number list are working and authentic.

Main Fitbit Phone Number List

ServiceFitbit Customer Service Number
Fitbit Toll-free Number1 (877) 623-4997
Fitbit Apex Number(844) 434-8248
Fitbit Modus Link Number+31 (0)55 543 4422

Other Fitbit Contact Number

  • Fitbit ModusLink Fax Number: +31 (0)55 543 4444

Fitbit Customer Service Hours

Operating Hours

DayFitbit Hours
Monday9 AM–5:30 PM
Tuesday9 AM–5:30 PM
Wednesday9 AM–5:30 PM
Thursday9 AM–5:30 PM
Friday9 AM–5:30 PM
Saturday9 AM–5:30 PM
Sunday9 AM–5:30 PM

Fitbit Customer Support Hours

While these are the official operating hours of Fitbit headquarters, the Fitbit Customer Service is usually active from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Fitbit Headquarters Address

The main headquarter of Fitbit is situated in the city of San Francisco, America. You can always pay the visit to the headquarters to file any complaint about any product provided by the company. Also, you can take your suggestions to the company by sending a letter to the company on the given official address of headquarters. You can even send your feedback about any store of Fitbit in your vicinity. Following is the official address of the headquarters of Fitbit.

Address: 199 Fremont Street 14th Floor San Francisco, Ca 94105

How to find a Fitbit near me?

To find the nearest Fitbit to your location check their about us; where you will find all the official stores globally in the footer.

Fitbit Website

If you are interested in getting information about the Fitbit product, the official website of the company is the best way to know all about it. You should check the official website to get all the authentic information about a different product, services, and many other things provided by the Fitbit.

The site will provide you with many facilities like place your order, find nearest Fitbit outlet, information about products, customer service details and many more. You can also check the privacy policies of the company since they widely describe it. To get the information about Fitbit customer service, check the section under the name of Fitbit, contact us on their official website. Following is the link for the official website of Fitbit.


Fitbit contact us page:, here you can contact them by selecting the required inquiry topic.

Fitbit Customer Service Email

The company also provides you with the facility of getting customer service via direct website email; where you will be provided with product based help with a series of steps. The average response time via email is about two days. You can even opt for Fitbit premium for having a premium program support.

Fitbit Social Media Support

You can stay updated about all the information about the Fitbits if you start following the social media of the company. You will get all the relevant links of Fitbit social media support in this article. If you have any queries about any product, you can also contact the company via any of their social media.

You can stay updated on their new products or discounts given by the company. Fitbit always put their offers about the product on their social media during festival seasons. Following are the links of all the social media of Fitbit.

Fitbit Reviews

To know the insights of the working of Fitbit and its customer care support, we decided to contact various customers who have bought products from them, and have interacted with their customer support person. The survey was successful and there were many positive reviews that we got from their customers, as well as some negative reviews. Therefore, to share our knowledge of the survey with you, we have provided a few legit comments that are both positive as well as negative.

A customer quoted, “I bought a Fitbit about a week ago, but it stopped working for no reason. I contacted their Fitbit customer service chat and asked for a replacement. Surprisingly, they were very helpful and immediately provided me with the replacement”. Another customer said, “I have been having issues with their customer support, because no matter how many times I try to call them, the line is always busy, and the waiting time is very long.”


How to contact Fitbit by phone?

If you want to contact Fitbit by your phone, all you have to do is dial their customer support number, which is 1 (877) 623-4997. The number is toll-free, and an automated voice may greet you. Select your option and talk to their support.

How do I contact Fitbit by email?

If you wish to contact Fitbit by email they provide a product based email response page in the website, Us for which they respond back in two working days.

My Fitbit is not working, who do I contact?

If your Fitbit is not working or having some issues with its functioning or has gone dead completely, it will be best to call them on their customer care number 1 (877) 623-4997. You can even approach them through their social media handles or direct website help.

When is Fitbit call support available?

Fitbit call support is available at the operating hours of the company, 9 AM to 5 PM.

How do I contact Fitbit tech support?

Getting in touch with the Fitbit tech support is very easy. When you call them on their official customer care number 1-(877)-623-4997 or you can email them on their website help page, to get product based tech support.

Where is the Fitbit headquarters?

The headquarters for Fitbit is located in San Francisco in California in the United States. The complete address is 199 Fremont St, San Francisco, CA 94105.

Does Fitbit have a phone number?

Yes, Fitbit has a customer care number 1-(877)-623-4997.

How do I find a Fitbit chat?

Fitbit has an option of live chat for subscribed customers under Fitbit premium.

How do I contact the Fitbit warranty?

To contact Fitbit Warranty, you can opt for emailing them in their contact support site, You can also visit for premium help if Fitbit warranty phone number not found.

How do I contact my Fitbit with a broken Fitbit?

There is a direct support line for broken Fitbit issue, where you can post your queries upon which they will get back to you as soon as possible.


In this article, we shared a lot of information with you regarding the Fitbit Company, its products, and how you can contact them on their support number in case you go through any trouble. The customer care numbers are not provided regionally, because it’s a global toll-free number. Also, in case you fail to contact them through phone, you can even email their support on their official mail id. The company is known for having very well-established customer support.

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