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UPS Customer Service Numbers: Working with a goal to serve you more!

Everyone all around the world needs a mechanism by which they can send their products from one location to another. This passing around of products has come to be known as a quite standard procedure; the UPS is considered amidst the dominant package delivery companies across the world, along with being acknowledged as a prospering global provider for a multitude of specialized transportation and logistics services. 

If the customers have any queries or are facing some issues or problems, they can quickly contact the UPS Customer Service. This can be achieved by calling them on their customer service number, and you can even contact them through their mail, official website, and address.

United Parcel Service (UPS)

ups customer service image
UPS customer service image

Before we jump into several methods by which the customers can contact the company, let’s get to know the company first. UPS or otherwise known as United Parcel Services, the company started in the first half of the 20th century and today transports 14 million packages to over 200 countries daily, other than parcelling the company has broadened and gone on to include much more under their wing. 

UPS was founded by James Casey and Claude Ryan, by the name American Messenger Company at Seattle, and it was only in 1916 that UPS was established at Oakland. Today the headquarters of the world-famous country is a part of the Greater Atlanta metropolitan area in Georgia. 

United Parcel Service Customer Service Number

For contacting UPS, one can quickly ring them up at the numbers we will be mentioning below. One can contact the UPS help number for enquiring regarding the company’s procedure. This is quite beneficial for all those individuals who are undergoing problems with the company’s services. Furthermore, one can even contact UPS customer service phone number to get first-hand information on how to join them or avail of their services. 

Main UPS Phone Number

UPS Contact Number
Main UPS Toll free number1 (800) 742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS)
UPS Freight customer service1 (800) 333-7400

Other UPS Support Numbers

United Parcel Service phone numbers for Freight, Shipping, Hearing Impaired, Billing, etc are mentioned below.

More UPS Customer Support Numbers
International Shipping1-800-782-7892
TTY/TDD Access for Hearing Impaired1-800-833-0056
International Import/Export Services800-782-7892
UPS Supply Chain Solutions800-742-5727
Freight (Less than truckload (more than 150 lbs))800-333-7400
Truckload (more than 12,000 lbs)888-682-4652
Air Freight (more than 150 lbs)800-443-6379
Ocean UPS Freight phone number800-350-8440
UPS Technical support1 (800) 742-5877
UPS Billing phone number1-800-811-1648

If you are looking for UPS tracking phone number, you can contact the above given UPS pickup phone number, 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877). For UPS international phone numbers, you can refer,

UPS Customer Service Hours

The UPS hours of customer service associate is, they are available for the customers from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Better call United Parcel Service during morning hours as there will be less traffic during that time. These are the hours given as excellent timing by the associates to interact with the customers. These hours mentioned above are for all zones of the United States. 

  • Extended coverage for customer service needs – Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. EST and Saturday 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. EST
  • Shipment delivery Operating Hours – 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m

UPS Corporate Office

If you wish to send mail directly to the UPS, or share your grievances through the mail, from anywhere around the work, the following headquarters addresses will come handy for you.

UPS address of Corporate Office

Sandy Springs,
The United States.

UPS Near Me

There are several offices and shipping ports of the United Parcel Services. If you want to find the nearest Customer Service or office of the UPS, the best way to do so is by inputting your location on their websites on the required page; From there on, their official website will guide you. If by some misfortune this method doesn’t work, you can always search the location of the nearest UPS by just looking it up on the search operation, preferably Google so that you will easily find your way through Google Maps. 

UPS Website / Contact Us Page

Official Website of the UPS Company, along with its Contact Us page for the customers’ convenience, you can visit the official website of United Parcel Services,, by clicking on this link. Here you will be able to find answers for all your queries and get direct access to the services provided by the UPS in detail. Information on how to join them as a customer and even as an employee is also made available on the same platform. The UPS offers jobs of various kinds that suit people from different walks of life, including students who are looking for a part-time thing to meet their daily needs. 

The official website of the UPS will also lead you to their contact us page. This particular page will answer all your burning questions immediately, with a series of numbers you may need, and links to a page that will help you locate the nearest UPS to you. The page will also provide you with the option to email the company directly from their website with your questions. 

You can even choose to interact with their virtual assistance once you reach this page, many more options are provided by the contact us page. 

UPS Customer Service Email

If UPS 800 number is not working and you wish to contact the United Parcel Services Customer Services via Email, all you have to do is visit: UPS Email Page. You can get a hold of this link from their official website and contact us page. Following the instructions on this link, you can send your email to the United Parcel Services Customer Services directly.

Numerous experts will handle your problems, complaints, and questions. You will receive a reply from them in a week, and if you don’t, you can enquire about the status of your email on their customer service number. Coming to UPS chat, there is no UPS live chat service provided in its official portal.

UPS Social Media Support

If you are interested in acquiring additional knowledge regarding the United Parcel Services and prefer keeping up to date information about the company and its services, the best way to do so is by following them on social media platforms. UPS is almost on every social media, and you can follow them on the one that is convenient for you.

UPS has around 10 Facebook pages, 5 LinkedIn accounts, 3 Instagram Pages, 3 YouTube Channels, and 12 Twitter handles. Here we will provide you with the official social media handling of the UPS. 

UPS Review

Unfortunately, even though UPS is the largest parcelling company in the world and still growing, it is shocking to see several Americans have faced trouble with the service provided by the company. Most of the American customers who have had a bad experience with the company have faced issues regarding the delivery. While for some, the item was delivered at the wrong address; for others, the delivery never happened. 

Numerous customers have further encountered problems with the company, not notifying them about the status of the package they wish to be delivered. Even a few Australian customers have faced issues with tracking down their package once it arrives there homeland. On the other hand, we see many American customers who have had an enjoyable experience with the United Parcel Services. Though there are UPS complaints from a few customers, there are a lot more positive reviews on it.


What time does UPS close? 

The service time for UPS closes at 6 p.m. for all United States times zones. The timing for delivery by the UPS is different and ends at 7 p.m., but in many cases, it stretches further, for both Monday to Friday. 

What time does UPS open? 

The service time for UPS begins at 8 a.m. all over the United States. Still, the parcel delivery has different timings that start at 9 a.m., from Monday to Friday. 

Where is the nearest UPS store? 

There are several offices and shipping ports of the United Parcel Services. If you want to find the nearest Customer Service or office of the UPS, the best way to do is visit their official store locator- 

Where is UPS headquarters? 

The UPS headquarters is in Sandy Springs, Georgia, U.S.

How to talk to a UPS customer service representative? 

You can talk to a customer service representative at UPS telephone number, 1 (800) 742-5877. 

What time does the UPS customer service open? 

The UPS customer service center opens from Monday to Friday at 8 a.m, all over the United States and for all time zones. However, if you are from EST, the UPS call center hours commences at 7:00 a.m. from Monday onwards to Friday, and on Saturday, the customer service begins at 7:30 a.m.

Where is the nearest UPS customer center? 

If you want to find the nearest Customer Center of the UPS, the best way to enter your location on their websites at the required page and from there on their official website will guide you,  

How to contact UPS about a package?

You can call UPS customer service for any package inquiry and phone number for UPS customer support is 1 (800) 742-5877.

Does UPS have an online chat? 

Yes, UPS does provide online chat, If UPS 1800 number is not working then you can clear your issue through their chat service.

How do I contact UPS human resources? 

You can contact UPS customer service number human resources at 1 (800) 742-5877. 


With the help of the information provided to you above, you can contact UPS by whichever means that is comfortable for you and suits you via email, mail, customer service calls, and even virtual assistants along with live online chatting. 

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