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Cricket Wireless Customer Service Numbers | Call and Register your Complaints!

Cricket, also known as Cricket WirelessLLC or Cricket Wireless, is a company that is known for providing customers with wireless services in the United States. With over ten million subscribers, it is obvious that the company gets a lot of queries, and to answer them, the Cricket customer service is trained accordingly. Owned by AT&T Inc, Cricket has a large team, divided into various sections, designed according to the types of services that are provided by the company.

cricket customer service image
Cricket customer service image

The customer care unit of the company has a team of well-trained associates who are meant to help and solve the problems of the customers and to inform them about new services and offers. As one cannot predict the types of problems that a customer might face, hence the team is trained from time to time, so that they remain updated and are able to solve the problems of the customers.

Cricket Wireless

Founded in 1999 by Leap Wireless International, Cricket has faced a change in owners several times. Previously, Leap Wireless started the company, which was later acquitted by AT&T in March 2014. AT&T then merged with Aio Wireless, which provided Cricket Wireless with a new set of owners.

The first market for Cricket wireless was Tennessee and it slowly started growing from that point onwards. A company that was previously focused on providing a network to small areas is now a well-known network company all over the United States.

The year 2008 was seen as a fruitful year for the company, as it merged with MetroPCS for a ten-year firm and gradually started providing more services to the customers. They launched the “Premium Extended Coverage” in late 2008, after which the firm saw various such offers. Cricket even had a five-year contract with Sprint, due to which Cricket had the facility to use Sprint’s nationwide 3G EVDO network in the US.

Talking about the Cricket customer service, the unit slowly started growing, as more employees joined, and the company saw its growth exponentially. The customer care unit of Cricket is known for its efforts, behavior and seamless solving of the problems in less time. Due to such factors, Cricket became a favorite among people of the US and now is one of the best network providers in the country.

Cricket Customer Service Number

Cricket has a helpful customer care unit and to contact the customer service of Cricket, there are various methods. One of the most preferred ways by customers is by contacting through phone numbers. Below are the toll-free numbers and the Cricket Wireless phone numbers valid in various areas. So that you can easily contact the company and get your doubts cleared.

Cricket Phone Number List

Cricket Support Number
Toll-free number for contact1 800 CRICKET (274 2538)
Cricket contact number for new orders*611 or 800 922 5159

Cricket Customer Support for Other Countries

Cricket does not have phone numbers for different countries, as it operates in the United States only. The above Cricket customer service phone number is the best number to contact. Many customers stated that this number allows the customer to get in touch with a customer care associate and clear all the queries.

Cricket Customer Service Hours

The Cricket customer service hours are from 7 AM to midnight from Monday to Saturday and from 10 AM to 10 PM during Sundays. The customers can get in touch with the customer care unit during these timings and get their doubts cleared easily. 

Cricket Corporate Address

Another method of contacting the customer care unit is by writing a letter to the Cricket Wireless headquarters. The address of the headquarters of Cricket is.

575 Morosgo
Dr NE, Atlanta,
GA 30324,
United States
Phone: +1 800-274-2538

You can write letters stating your doubts, queries and complaints to the address given above and expect a reply within a few days.

Cricket Website

The official website of Cricket is, in which you can get the latest information regarding services, changes in prices, offers and many more. Here, the customers can even get to know some of the most asked questions along with solutions, which would help them in the future.

Apart from that, the official website also consists of the contact services available, phone numbers, a brief about the company and even social media accounts, through which they can remain updated about Cricket wireless. The official website even has features which would help the customers in tracking their orders, make online payments, and make changes in their account.

Cricket Email Support

Cricket Wireless does not have any email support through which you can mail your queries. Though other options replace the email support for Cricket technical support. The Cricket chat support helps a person to get in touch with a customer care associate directly. You can find the “Live Chat” option in the contact section of the official website;

Cricket Social Media Pages

Cricket even has social media accounts through which you can connect and remain updated about the services offered by the company. Below are some of the social media websites in which you can submit your Cricket wireless complaints or get the updates.

Cricket Wireless Near Me

If you want to find a Cricket Wireless near you, you just have to visit their official store locator at,

Cricket Wireless Review

Cricket wireless company provides high-speed internet services so that the customers can enjoy watching videos, music and do various other activities without any case of buffering or low internet speed. The customer care unit of the company makes all efforts to solve the problem of a customer perfectly. Due to such efforts and genuine behavior of the customer care unit, the company has an excellent customer relationship and hence has many subscribers too.

A customer of Cricket Wireless reviewed it positively saying- ‘I have been using Cricket Wireless for over 3 years now and I never had a complaint. They have a reliable service system along with the most definitive prepaid services even in bad reception areas’. Another customer implied Cricket Wireless to have a service and said- ‘I was having an issue with one of my SIM cards transfer because of a few technical errors in my old device. When I called their customer services, they made me wait for over 30min for directing to a representative’. 


What is Cricket phone number?

The Cricket phone number is 800 274 2538

What does it mean when a Cricket Wireless customer is not taking calls?

When a customer care associate is not taking a call, it means that either the line is busy or the person must have contacted after the service hours of the customer care unit of Cricket Wireless.

Cricket customer service until what time?

Cricket customer service are available to call or chat in the below-mentioned schedules-
1. Mon-Sat: 7 am – Midnight ET.
2. Sun: 10 am – 10 pm ET.

How to contact Cricket?

You can contact Cricket by dialing the number 800 274 2538 or even through the “chat feature” given on the official website of the company. You can also call on Cricket Customer Support at 
1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) or 611 from your phone. You can also access their Live Chat through 

How to email Cricket Wireless?

Cricket does not have any email support, though you can chat with an associate through the chat feature given in the official website; 

Where is Cricket Wireless headquarters?

The headquarters of Cricket Wireless is,
Cricket Communication Inc
575 Morosgo Dr NE,
Atlanta, GA 30324,
United States.

What is Cricket Wireless email address?

There is no email support for Cricket, though one can contact the customer care unit through the “chat” feature given in the official website

How can I speak to Cricket customer service?

You can speak to a Cricket customer service associate by dialing the toll-free number 1 800 274 2538. 

Does Cricket have 24-hour customer service?

No, The service hours of Cricket wireless are from 7 AM to 12 AM from Monday to Saturday and from 10 AM to 10 PM during Sundays.


Cricket Wireless always strives to give its best to its customers. With an increasing customer base, they tend to improve their services day by day. Contact Cricket customer care number for any query you require through their many approaches including live chat. 

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