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Progressive Insurance Customer Service Number | Email, Mailing Address and More

Buying one’s own car for the first time can be everyone’s dream, but having it properly insured is a must. The reason behind taking insurance for your dream car is because of the fact that you never know what may happen tomorrow. Insurance is a guarantee that despite whatever accident or mishap occurs in your car; the Insurance Company will have your back. And that is exactly what the Progressive Corporation Insurance Company has been doing. Ranked in the #99 position in the Fortune 500 Companies, Progressive has won the trust of millions of its customers.

progressive customer service image
Progressive customer service image

Having a big company comes with creating a trustable bond between the customer and the company. For that, the company has provided its customers with a Progressive Insurance phone number that is available 24*7. Whether it be related to existing insurance, privacy policy, end of terms, some issues related to the car or opting for new insurance, the phone number has you covered.

Progressive Products and Services

Progressive is one of the best companies which provide you with security when it comes to you, any of your belongings or any property. The company’s leading service provided by the company is insured. Progressive provides you with all the types of insurances and so the security as well. Nowadays, it is crucial to have insurance for your property, your belongings as well as yourself.

You should definitely get insurance to avoid risk for a better future. You can contact the customer service team by many modes of communication such as social media, phone calls, email and many more. Use Progressive numbers for better communication.

You can get your car insurance when you buy a new one. There is also the facility of business insurance as well to cover all your possible risks for your business. You can also get your insurance for yourself which will cover most of the chronic disease.

In case any mishaps happen with you, the company will take care of your medical bills. It is the best choice you can make to ensure your safety in times of need. Besides all insurances, the company also gives you the facility of providing some finance such as car shopping finance, personal loans, home financing and many more.

Progressive Customer Service Phone Number

As we have already told you in the previous segment, we will be sharing with you the details of all the Progressive customer service numbers, mail ids, and other contact information that you can use to call the company. In case you ever face a problem related to the insurance company has its customers covered from all areas.

They have provided their headquarter address where you can drop a mail directly. Other than that they also have a Progressive Insurance Phone number which is available all the time.

Main Progressive Phone Number

Important Progressive Contact Details
General Phone Number1-888-671-4405
Progressive Claims phone number1-800-776-4737 

Other Progressive Contact Numbers

Report Fraud or Identity Theft1-888-288-0770
Progressive Commercial Customer Service Number1-888-240-9839
Progressive Fax Number1-877-280-5587

Note: Progressive auto insurance phone number is same as the claims number, 1-800-776-4737.

Progressive Customer Service Hours

There are no bars in contacting the customer service team of Progressive. You can contact them at your convenience. The team is always available to resolve your queries. You can contact them 24 hours every day of the week. You will always get a positive and quick response from the team. Progressive contact is provided in this article. With the help of the information given in this article, you can contact the company regarding your query or inquiry.

You can also pay a visit to your nearest Progressive outlet thrives for getting more authentic information and to have a face to face interaction. Call Progressive for more details on any topic. Also, the Progressive Auto Insurance customer service is also available for 24/7. The operating hours of Progressive Insurance company are from 9:30 AM–5:30 PM and closed on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Progressive Insurance Headquarters Address

The Progressive headquarters are located in the Mayfield Village of Ohio State. Although, it may sound minimal, trust us, it is not. The headquarters is full of hustle and bustle with its employees working in their full form to give their customers the best service. To contact them directly, you can also mail them on their corporate headquarters address and hope for a reply back from their customer support.

Progressive Headquarters Address:

The Progressive Corporation,
6300 Wilson Mills Rd,
Box W33 Mayfield Village,
Ohio 44143

Progressive Insurance Near Me

To find ‘Progressive near me’, visit their official store locator at You can also search for ‘Progressive Insurance Stores Near Me’ in the Google Map Application in your mobile phone or the web browser. It will show you a list of all the stores that will be near you.

How long does it take for Progressive to settle a claim?

There is a requirement of two weeks to settle the Progressive claim. You have to keep on taking feedback from the company until it is settled. Also, in most of the cases, the company will do all the process by their end if the documentation provided by the customer is proper.

Progressive Website

The best possible place where you can get all the necessary information about the service and products of the Progressive Companies is to pay a visit to their official website. You can get all the required information in different sections. All the schemes, policies and plans are given on their official website. You can also get other contact information as well.

The company provided all the addresses of their outlets that are present in different parts of the country. All the data is presented before you if you pay a visit to their official website. If you are interested in taking any policy of Progressive, you should definitely check the website of Progressive Insurance. Check the section under the same Progressive Insurance Near Me to locate the nearest Progressive outlet.


Progressive contact us:

Progressive Customer Service Email

The company also provides you with a facility of contacting them via email. The website officially provides an email form, which can be accessed once you login. Progressive also provides its customers with a live chat option. The Progressive customer service chat is available at,

Progressive Social Media Support

For a continuous update, you can stay connected to the social media pages of Progressive Insurance. You will stay aware of new updates in any policies or plans since the company advertises it on their social media pages. Check the Facebook page of Progressive for their events and consultation programs.

Also, you can tag the company on twitter by using their tags in your post. The company will respond to your query if there is a mention in your post. You can also check out their YouTube channel for more clarification about their policies as well as plans. They also guide you through the process of getting insurance and provide you guidelines according to that.

Progressive Customer Support Review

We contacted all the previous customers of Progressive to know the current scenario of Progressive customer care. This was a must needed effort to be put from us because we believe in delivering our readers with the most authentic data.

Although there were a few who were dissatisfied, that is why we are going to share a few legit reviews with you.

One of their customers said, “I bought my first car and I was perplexed about which company to select. One of my friends recommended me to the Progressive Insurance Company and I must say, I have not regretted choosing them. They have affordable packages and I am pleased with them”. Another customer said, “I have been having issues with some of the conditions in their policies, but none of their customer service people has been able to help me out with it. Really disappointed with the way their system works”.

Is Progressive a good insurance company?

Progressive Insurance is indeed a good company. It is one of the most flourishing companies in the sector of insurance and policy planning. You will get the best of assistance from the team to cover all risks related to your health, business or any of your belongings.


How to cancel Progressive Insurance online?

There are many ways to cancel Progressive Insurance online. You can drop a mail regarding our concern and cancellation of the policy. You can also login to your Progressive account and withdraw it from the website. Use your login credentials to cancel your policy.

How to contact Progressive Insurance?

There are many modes of communication by which you can contact to the Progressive Insurance. You can approach them on their customer service number, 1-888-671-4405. Also, they have an option of live chat,

How much does Progressive Insurance pay for a call centre customer services representative?

The average pay for Progressive Insurance customer service representatives is around $16. This cost may vary as per the experience of the representative as well as the place where the representative works. Some regions will pay more amounts where there is more traffic and some have less.

What do customer service representatives make at Progressive Insurance?

The rough estimate of Progressive Insurance Customer Service Representatives makes around $31,302 in a single year. The payment is based on performance. More payment will be awarded to the representative if he/she is doing well in the company. They will get paid based on performance.

Where is Progressive Insurance headquarters?

The main Progressive headquarters is situated in Mayfield, Ohio, United States. 

Is Progressive Customer Service 24 hours?

Yes, Progressive customer service support is available for 24 hours every day of the week.

How many customers does Progressive have?

Progressive Insurance was founded back in 1937. Since then, they have built an enormous client base. Till now, they have served more than 1 billion people throughout the world. It is due to the ease provided by the company in the field of insurance.


Here, we shared with you some of the most authentic data that we can find on Progressive Insurance Company. Starting from genuine reviews, to their customer support mail id, address and phone number, we have given you all. Furthermore, there is also provision for Progressive customer service chat. Through that service, you can chat live with one of their support people, and they will help you throughout.

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