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Lyft Customer Service | Email, Website, Support Numbers and More!!

Lyft provides various Contact numbers that ensure you to take a trip safely wherever you go in this world. Their official site provides you with email addresses and some other relevant information. Lyft also ensures Spanish- Language Support, which has already started. They provide the help Centre, contact form, and 24/7 ‘call me’ feature.

Lyft Provides various sources from which customers can have a hassle-free life which summarises to be Car rides, Scooters, Insurance to drivers, and Driver requirements.

Lyft customer service image
Lyft customer service image

Lyft receives a good quality rating from the Electronic Frontier Foundation on the way it handles and how it handles government data requests.

Lyft Support

Customer care of the mobile app: Lyft Customer Service always ensures its customers to be safe and support them on the road. Starting from today, you can talk to us 24 hours and seven days a week, 365 days a year. All you need to do is,

  • Tap “Earnings” on your Lyft App. And select the ride that you wish to acquire.
  • Tap on “Get Help” if you wish to need FAQs.
  • You can tap on Call Me or the Help Centre link if you still want to call.

After you have done the last option, which is ‘Call Me’ you will be connected to Lyft Team members and get a chance to be connected to them in 2 minutes or less than that.

Lyft Customer Service Numbers

Customers who opt to choose Lyft for their ride and want to know some basic information regarding the ride then you are always free to call the customer service of Lyft which is available to all and any time. To make your life easy and hassle-free, we will be listing a table that contains all the important numbers about Lyft Customer Service. One can also connect to Lyft customer service phone number to take up a new policy.

Lyft Customer Support Number

Below are the main Lyft support numbers

ServiceLyft Number
Critical response line855-865-9553
Service Animal violation Hotline1-844-554-1297
Headquarters Contact Number+1 855-865-9553

Lyft Customer Service Hours

After your query is sent, you can expect a reply from them within 24 hours. The corporate office for Lyft is open from 7 am until 5 pm on weekdays. And the Lyft Headquarters are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. You can call Lyft phone number for help at any time and between any time, 24 hours in 7 weeks and 365 days. You are also free to use the Lyft customer service live chat service 24*7. You can ask any question @AskLyft every day between 5 pm-9 pm. The busiest time in Lyft is 2 pm.

If you are a visitor who is not an employee by Lyft, then you can email them by their official site, in advance. The usual operating hours of Lyft retail stores are – 9AM – 5PM Monday to Friday and closed on weekends.

Lyft Address

If Lyft support phone number is not working, you can contact the Lyft corporate office or even write a letter if you are facing a serious problem with

Lyft’s main centre,
185 Berry Street,
Suite 5000 San Francisco,
CA 94107 USA.

And Lyft contact number of Corporate office is,

Phone number for Lyft: 855-865-9553.

Lyft headquarters address: San Francisco, California, United States

Lyft Official Site

Customers can visit the official site of Lyft if they want to book a car for their trip or if they are facing any problem with any issue, they are free to contact. Any person also in search of a website that is convenient and trustworthy to them for finding a comfortable car to book for their ride all over the world so that people from any corner of the earth can ride easily, Here is the one that you are looking for,

Lyft Customer Service Email

You can post your Lyft complaints to mail when you can’t reach the customer service number. It does provide an email option in its official portal at,

Lyft help page:

Social Media

Lyft is associated in social media with active accounts blogging all the updates and news about Lyft services along with customer reviews.

Lyft Near Me

You can access Lyft near you using their store locator in their official site at

Lyft Review

Many customers have agreed that their first ride was free and if they had any trouble with their ride then the customer service was easy to be approached. As everything has a good phase, they have a lousy phase too. Some customers face problems like they have been charged a ride earlier even if they have never come to get the customer for the ride. Some customers have also met a higher charge even if the price for the ride was less.

But all of these don’t say that the service is terrible. One customer says – ‘The customer service is excellent. The driver goes above and beyond and is very friendly and helpful and kept on talking to their customers during the journey to make sure their customers feel good and in return has offered me snacks and drinks.’

Another customer claims that- ‘I often book my rides with Lyft. I don’t have much issues with them except for a rare rude driver behaviour, but the other time, I got this ride, for which the driver made me wait forever to pick me up and once I got in, the cab was awfully unhygienic. Total disappointment!!’.


How to contact Lyft Customer Service?

For queries regarding any of Lyft services you can email them through their online site, You can also call for any critical response enquiries to 855-865-9553.

How to contact Lyft by phone?

You can contact Lyft by a phone for critical response queries at 855-865-9553 and also Lyft provides Service Animal Hotline and queries regarding violating at 1-844-554-1297 .

How to contact Lyft Email?

You can write to Lyft through their online email support section mentioned in the website at

How do I contact Lyft driver support?

Lyft provides an emergency 911 in their safety center section which is available 24/7.

Can you Email Lyft?

Yes, every customer can email Lyft through the online email section,

How do I dispute a charge on Lyft?

You can approach the Lyft online email support they provide in their website under contact section at

Is Lyft 24/7 Customer Service?

Yes, Lyft customer service is available 24/7.


Lyft strives to provide its customers with the best cab experiences. They are known for their services and amicable representatives and drivers. Contact them to get any kind of support related to your ride, payment glitch, driver enquiry and many more. Their 24/7 customer facilities also provide an emergency 911 section in their in-App safety center.

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