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Kohl’s Customer Service Numbers & Email ID

Customers often worry about what to buy, how much to buy and in what quality to buy. After all, those are solved, they tend to worry about the perfect retail store available near them. Some customers may easily find one, but some might find it difficult. Here comes Kohl’s. Kohl’s is an American retail store that provides you with hassle-free shopping opportunities in the United States.

kohls customer service image
Kohls customer service image

Customers can easily shop from Kohl’s and if they do not want the product due to any reason, then they can opt for easy returns with cashback opportunities. If our customers face any kind of problem regarding payment charge options. Credit card limit. Signing in to Kohl’s to make a payment or even forget their password, they can choose to contact the Customer Service of this company. 

Kohls Customer Care

If customers are facing problems in tracking their order status, or not receiving any shipping or tracking notifications, or if they have gone through a lock-in their Kohl’s account or even if they want to change or cancel their order then they can feel free to call on the customer service helpline Kohls number: 855-564-5705.

Kohl’s customer service may provide you with a plethora of series relating to your product that is purchased through Kohl’s. you will find a list below that may help you in understanding this much better. 

  • Kohls charges: Payment Options, Manage your Account Online, Account Information, Secure Your Personal Info, Apply for a Kohl’s Charge Online.
  • Kohl’s shopping errors: Reset Your Password/Login, Order Payment Options, Gift Registry, Help, Store Product Availability.
  • Rewards and cash backs from Kohl’s: Yes2You Rewards, Kohl’s Cash Overview, Kohl’s Cash/Rewards and Returns.
  • Returns & Exchanges: Hassle-Free Returns, Order Return Options, No Receipt? No Problem!
  • Orders, Shipping & Tracking: Track Your Order, Buy Online, Pickup in Store, Shipping Charges & Times, Can I Cancel/Change My Order?
  • Pricing & Discounts: Entering Promos in Checkout, Using Multiple Coupons, Free Shipping, Exclusions.

Kohls Phone Numbers

Kohl’s phone numbers are for customers to call whenever they face a major problem or, in some cases, minor issues too. Kohl’s has their numbers displayed in a manner that is exhibited below, so that customers may not move around searching for customer service numbers when they are already tensed and wanting to call someone as soon as possible for an issue.

Main Kohls Customer Service Number

Kohl’s Contact Numbers
Toll Free Number and customer service 855-564-5705
Kohl’s charge

Other Kohls Contact Number List

  • Yes2You Rewards: 855-564-5751
  • Gifts cards & Fundraising Cards:
    • 855-564-5748 (if purchase made in store)
    • 866-887-8884 (Kohls online customer service for purchases made is online)
  • Corporate Gift Cards: 800-653-1774

Kohls Customer Service Hours

Kohl’s Customer Care is available 24 hours for payment related queries. Their official customer service timings are from Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. (CT) and Sunday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. (CT). All you need to do is just tell them your problem that you are facing and they will get you to the right representative who will offer relevant tips, reminders, and follow-ups!

You may also follow up on their Live Chat session if you are a customer who is more comfortable with chats. Start chatting from Monday to Saturday: 7:00 am – 9:00 pm CST. Sunday: 8:00am – 9:00pm CST. Currently, on Mondays, you may chat from 2:23 pm onwards.

Kohls Address of Corporate Office

Kohl’s corporate office address is given below, which will provide you with any help that you wish to receive from Kohl’s address.

North 56 West 17000 Ridgewood Drive
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051.
Phone number: 262-703-7000

You can write a letter to Kohl’s corporate Office Address to resolve issues. If they are facing any problem regarding the retail store, then you can take up the issue to the headquarters, which will be resolved as soon as possible.

Kohls Website is the official website that contains the necessary information and booking details, which you can book according to what you want. Any customer can go through the Kohl’s website link if they want any details from their end.

Kohls Near Me: You can locate the departmental stores, using this official Kohls Locator.

Kohls Customer Service Email Support & Kohls Live Chat

Customers can send their doubts/feedback, problems to Kohl’s customer care email id so that their problem can be resolved soon. 

  • Kohl’s email address:
  • Kohls customer service chat: You can also access their live chat at, Kohls chat:

Kohls Social Media

You can follow all social media ids and handles like google, Facebook, the twitter of Kohl’s to ensure a better way to reach up to them or find ‘Kohl’s near me.’ With all these ids, one can easily access Kohl’s chat with the company associated and ask them queries about their retail store whenever required.

Kohl’s Review

Kohl’s is an excellent mid-priced store that offers you all kinds of things in a wide range of products. After a happy purchase when I am done with all the clothes and suppose I don’t like something, I opt to return, Kohl’s customer service helps us right here, they offer us the best opportunities to return an unwanted item that we don’t require.

The customer service is amicable and will give you the best advice that you’re looking for when you tense about your problem. Once you contact them, they will connect you to the required person that will give you the best possible response. On the other hand, some people even opt to give zero stars because of their online customer service that doesn’t provide prompt replies to people as well as by delivery issues. 

Customers claim that they have bought several products from Amazon and Walmart, but they haven’t faced any issue with its delivery service. Still, Kohl’s have to improve on that aspect as they are being or to be more precise; they are making customers feel bad about their service by not providing them with a suitable replay of what they require. If customers want a gift card, they have to first have a credit card to have a gift card or else they can’t have a gift card. All of the problems don’t make the customers happy from the service.

But if you see in the real world, Kohl’s as a departmental store is working quite well to make their customers as satisfied as they can. They provide a good number of items that include all kinds of products starting from clothes, bags, accessories and many other pieces of stuff. You can even buy a gift for your loved ones and the service that is provided to the customers are appreciated.

Customer Complaints of

Some customers face problems when they book online from Kohl’s, and due to this, their customer service experience also goes dull. Customers do not receive a good response from the service they provide as there are so many numbers available on the item, but if you are in trouble, then none of them work for a few of the customers. But you can opt for shopping in the malls which will avoid the return problem and this will reduce the risk of losing your products.

Customers claim that they are sometimes frustrated with the customer service as they don’t agree to change old addresses on the website, nor do they help customers get back their items, etc. there are so many negative reviews regarding the online purchase of Kohl’s.

Whenever a customer purchases a product, they can opt for safer ways to purchase them, which is to get them online. All items at Kohl’s are amazing, but the only problem is their online customer service, which will be improved soon as they are working on it.


Can you email Kohls customer service?

Yes, you can email Kohl’s at any time.

How to email Kohls customer service?

Just write your complaint or suggestions and mail it to Kohls email,  

How to contact Kohls?

You can contact Kohls customer service at 855-564-570 or can also email them at 

Where is Kohls headquarters?

The address of Kohl’s headquarters office is,
North 56 West 17000 Ridgewood Drive
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051.
Phone number: 262-703-7000

What hours is Kohls customer service line open?

You can contact the Kohl’s customer service from 7 am Monday to Saturday and 8 am on Sundays. 

Is Kohls customer service 24 hours?

No, Kohl’s does not have a 24 hr customer service.

What is the 1800 number for Kohl’s customer service?

The Kohls 800 number is 800-653-1774, which is also a 1800 number, i.e., 1-800-653-1774.

Bottom Line

Kohl’s customer service is very prompt in some cases. In some cases, they don’t even bother to provide you with a suitable reply that you are actually looking for. All of that occurs when you are facing a problem with an online purchase from Kohl’s. If you have any other query, you can always approach Kohls customer service phone number. They will connect you with whoever is concerned to take up. Listen to your problem and provide you the best possible replies that you are looking for.

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