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Facebook Customer Support Numbers | Get help logging in & other support!

Who does not know Facebook, with 2.5 billion users and counting up; they are the largest social networking service based in America. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates at the Harvard College, initially for Harvard Students has now become a big network.

It has spread across the world and they are now available in 140 languages. This prominent social network equally faces lots of complaints and lawsuits. Facebook customer care is now online support provided as Facebook 24/7 customer service to all its users. Lets know more about the Facebook and its customer care numbers.

Facebook customer service image
Facebook customer service image


Facebook was started in the year 2004 by the Harvard Student Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates to support the student Facebook of Harvard University. It was later extended to other universities and higher education institutes and was finally made public in 2006. Facebook service can be accessed through any device with an internet connection. Anyone who is 13 years of age can register themselves as the user and you can post your photos, multimedia messages and can text to anyone on Facebook. Users can also join the community forums and share their common interests with others.

Surveys say that there are 2 billion regular users of Facebook and many companies check the candidate’s profile and activity at Facebook before hiring them. Thus Facebook acts as a platform for customers, employees, and employers. Facebook now includes messenger, workplace, Oculus, WhatsApp, and Facebook and many more applications that require a separate column to discover. To get Facebook support, check out the below sections.

Facebook Customer Service Number

Facebook customer support numbers are now no longer available and everything has become online. Fb customer service improves not only their service to customers but also to the business itself. Quick response and solving the issues in a couple of hours are seen as the best support offered by Facebook. Below is the Facebook Customer Service toll free number.

Toll Free Facebook Phone Number
Facebook contact number1.866. 216.7161
Online Help center

Facebook Customer Service Email

If Facebook customer service phone number is not reachable, you can also contact chief executives on Facebook through email.

The first person to be contacted is

Vice president:

Justin Osofsky,
Vice president Global operations,
1 Hacker Way,
Menlo Park, California, 94025.

Email id:

Chief executive:

Mark Zuckerberg,
Chairman and CEO,
1 Hacker WAY,
Melo Park, CA 94025

Email id:

Facebook Customer Support Hours

Facebook 24/7 customer service is available and there are many ways to contact Facebook. The first being the use of a Toll-free phone number for Facebook: 1.866. 216.7161. The second way is to call the customer support team and talk to them regarding your issue. My suggestion to contact Facebook is through the online help centre. Online help is available readily by real humans and you can get their support throughout the day.

There is no particular hour of the day where you will get the support from the Help Desk; you can contact them 24/ 7.

Facebook Corporate Office Address

Facebook customer service toll-free number is not available for your queries and being an online product; you have an excellent Help centre to diagnose and report your problems. If you are still curious to know more, you can drop a letter to;

1 Hacker way,
Menlo Park, CA, 94025.

Facebook Near Me

Facebook does not have a store locator, but, facebook has an option called nearby friends, where you can know who is near your location. To utilize this option, both you and your friends both must have turned on the location settings. This is one of the best features to get socialized easily.

Facebook Contact Us Page

Facebook customer service chat and emails are available on the Facebook page.

If you want to contact Facebook customer care, then in the app.

  1. Open the settings tab.
  2. In the settings tab, scroll down for help and support options.
  3. At help & support, you will see a lot of options like Help centre, Support Inbox, Help Community, Report a problem, Terms & Policies, Settings and Privacy.
  4. Open the Help Community option and type your question. You will get answers to your questions from the Facebook Moderator.

You can make use of the Facebook customer service email or chat option when you are unable contact FB customer service through phone.

FB Social Media Links

Facebook does not offer phone support and they generally don’t write back to you until they need more information regarding your problem. They are less active in terms of customer support and service. Almost all the social media platforms are under the Facebook banner and they have dedicated pages where you never get a proper reply for your queries. This is a more frustrating part of them.

Facebook Review

Facebook has received lots of complaints regarding their hacked account, but their support was restricted. Similarly, there are complaints regarding accounts locked without prior notice. If you want to get your account back then, you need to produce so many certificates and till then you won’t? Though Facebook has reasons to lock its customer’s accounts, it is unfair in many aspects.

Similarly, there are many complaints from customers regarding the deletion of their uploaded videos. There are many positive reviews about Facebook too. Many customers have appreciated the efforts made by the Facebook technical team to help many build their businesses. With more and more technologies being added to the platform, you can increase the chance of changing the way you live.

One customer said- ‘I totally agree with the fact that Facebook is a great means of communication in this busy lifestyle. I don’t usually talk on the phone, so facebook is a great way for me to be social. I love how their services and their mobile app works’. Another customer was upset with their customer service and said- ‘A few days ago, I was approached by a stranger on facebook, leaving a threat to my life. When I reported about it, Facebook remained responseless and did nothing regarding this. How pathetic can they be?!!’.


What is Facebook’s phone number?

Facebook customer services can be approached by calling on 1.866. 216.7161.

Does Facebook have email support?

Facebook’s email support is no longer available to the customers. Though you can mail your query to Facebook headquarters at Menlo Park, California, U.S.

How to contact Facebook about a problem?

If you are having any payment issues or some technical issues, then you have to report it to the help and Facebook tech support team. All you need is to open the menu icon and look for the Help and Support option, Choose to report a problem option from the list and describe the problem and press the send button. Facebook will get in touch with you soon and solve your queries.

How to contact Facebook administrators?

There are many options to contact a Facebook page administrator but not a Facebook organization administrator. If you still want to contact someone, you can try contacting the vice president or chief executive.
Justin Osofsky,
Vice president Global operations,
1 Hacker Way,
Menlo Park, California, 94025.
Email id:
Mark Zuckerberg,
Chairman and CEO,
1 Hacker Way,
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Email id:

How to contact Facebook directly?

If you have any Facebook ads or an active account, you can get Facebook support chat.
1. Under the Quick Help section, choose the help centre.
2. In the Help Center move to policies and reporting tab.
3. There, you can see an option called “Reporting a problem with Facebook”.
4. You can submit your feedback and click send. Below the feedback section, they have mentioned that they may or may not be able to respond to all submissions but will take some action to improve their service.
You can also call their customer service number- 1.866.216.7161.

How to contact a live person at Facebook?

Facebook can be approached through their customer service number at 1.866.216.7161.


It is human nature to be active socially, while some are very active and some are less. People want to contact each other and improve their network and Facebook is one of them. Facebook is the first social network to cross the 1 billion mark. Sadly, Facebook customer service does not support its customers like their Facebook page.

There is no direct phone number to contact them and the only means to contact them is by reporting a problem. Reviews regarding Facebook have also stated the same problem that its customer care must be improved. It may lose its trust if they do not provide proper Facebook customer care support.

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