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Starbucks Customer Service and its Necessity

Starbucks is an American Coffee Company and one of the top coffee chains in the world. It was founded in the year 1971. Starbucks headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington, USA. Presently, this company operates over 30,000 locations in around 67 countries and territories worldwide. The products sold by Starbucks are coffee beverages, tea, smoothies, baked goods and sandwiches.

starbucks customer service image
Starbucks customer service image

Some of their varieties comprise Teavana Tea Products, Espresso, Café Latte, Fresh Juices, Frappuccino beverages, pastries and some snacks like chips and crackers, hot and cold sandwiches, etc. “Starbucks Evening” locations offer wine, beer and appetizers as well. Some grocery stores sell Starbucks-brand coffee, ice-cream and bottled coffee drinks also. Due to some safety reasons and efficiency, Starbucks has started using automated espresso machines nowadays.

Starbucks Customer Care

Starbucks offers an excellent Customer Service to its customers. The strategies followed by Starbucks to provide good services to its customers have helped the company gain proper recognition all over the world. Janet Bailey is the Director of Customer Service at Starbucks and follows certain strategies and tricks to drive the business by providing world-class customer service.

  • Starbucks follows actions to connect with its customers, where they remain most active. Starbucks Instagram, Facebook and Starbucks Twitter have millions of likes. They try every best possible way to reach out to their customers using these social media platforms to receive feedback, answer queries and engage in conversations. 
  • The Starbucks support makes sure that they stay connected with their customers through official apps and websites for orders or feedback or conversations, etc.
  • They ensure that every customer of theirs has a great outlet and overall experience of Starbucks apart from products, such as geographic areas, outlet quality and hygiene, etc.

It is a generic necessity for every business running in this world to provide the best customer service. This will eventually drive them into a good reputation and recognition in the market with millions of customers worldwide and tremendous turnover in the market.

Starbucks Products and Services

Starbucks is basically a coffee brand providing customers with both products and services. They serve and satisfy coffee enthusiasts with their services. But it also offers an exceptional range of products which are stated as follows:

  • Coffee: It offers over 30 different types of premium coffee blends.
  • Handcrafted Beverages: Espresso Beverages, Frappuccino, Teas, etc.
  • Fresh Food: Hot and Cold Sandwiches, Salads, Baked Pastries, etc.
  • Other merchandise products: Mugs, Packaged Goods, Books and Gifts.

Starbucks products are also sold in grocery stores such as Whole Bean and Ground Coffee, Starbucks and Teavana Verismo Pods, etc. Some ready-to-drink beverages like Starbucks Bottles Frappuccino, Starbucks Iced Latte, Espresso Drinks, Starbucks Smoothies, etc. are also available in these stores.

Starbucks Coffee Houses are built with a blend of Italian elegance and American Informality. The stores are designed cozy with classic posters and pictures, comfortable sofas and sitting arrangements, Wi-Fi, etc. Apart from all these, they tend to maintain the general qualities of products, outlets and hygiene, staff behavior, offers and discounts, etc.

Starbucks Customer Service Numbers

Toll-free Starbucks Customer Service Phone Number is (800) 782-7282. Starbucks Customer Service Hours extend seven days a week between 5 AM and 8 PM PST. The Customer Service Center is also available on weekend days, that is, Saturday and Sunday from 6 AM to 4 PM PST. The Holiday Closures for the Customer Contact Centers are New Year Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Main Numbers

The Main Number for Starbucks Customer Service Center is (206) 447-1575. 0 must be pressed for switchboard operators.

Starbucks Phone Number
Starbucks Contact Number(206) 447-1575

Other Contact Numbers

Some other Contact Numbers for Starbucks Customer Service Center are as follows:

Executive Contacts:

  • Vivek Varma

Executive Vice President, Public Affairs
2401 Utah Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134-1436
(800) 782-7282

  • Cliff Burrows

Group President, U.S./Americas, and Teavana
2401 Utah Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134-1436
(800) 782-7282

  • Luigi Bonini

Senior Vice President, Global Product Innovation
2401 Utah Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134-1436
(800) 782-7282

  • Kevin Johnson

Chairman, President and CEO
2401 Utah Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134
(206) 447-1575

Starbucks Customer Support Hours

Starbucks Customer Service Contact Center can be contacted seven days a week from Monday to Sunday.

For Starbucks customer service chat: You can chat with the customer services- Hours: 4 AM – 10 PM PT, 7 days a week.

Day (Duration)Hours (Time)
All days5 AM-8 PM PST

Starbucks Corporate Office Address

Starbucks Corporate Office or headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington, United States of America. The complete office address is 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134.


Kevin Johnson
Chairman and CEO
(206) 447-1575
(206) 682-7570 (Fax)
@Starbucks (Twitter ID)

Starbucks Near Me

Top five states having a higher number of Starbucks stores in the United States are California, Texas, Florida, Washington and New York. 20% of the locations are found in California. Top cities like Chicago, Las Vegas, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, etc. possess the highest number of Starbucks stores.

Starbucks Official Website / Contact Us Page

Starbucks Official US Website is This website provides all the information about Starbucks, such as its history, its customers and sales statistics, its shares and market value, turnover and overall brand positioning and reputation in the market. The Starbucks Contact Us page provides every means of contact with Starbucks, like phone numbers, emails, chats, etc. Customers can easily communicate with the Customer Service regarding their complaints and queries.

Starbucks Email Support

Starbucks Customer Service Center can be contacted via Starbucks Email Support as well. The Starbucks customer service Email is The Email Contact of the CEO of Starbucks is

Starbucks Social Media Links

You can find Starbucks on almost every social media platform, be it, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. It has transformed its offline branding and campaigning online very successfully. There are millions of followers, fans and subscribers for Starbucks on social media.

Some social media links to Starbucks are as follows

Starbucks Review

Starbucks is receiving pretty good feedback and reviews from its customers. Some customers give bad reviews as well. Both types of reviews provided by few customers are listed below:

  • Customers complain that they are not offered with the menu in the store and the prices of products are high and not affordable. Some also complain about the outlet quality and hygiene and the unavailability of certain products.
  • Some customers feel that Starbucks cares about the customers, the company and its employees. They are continuously geared towards providing a healthier lifestyle. Some have experienced good coffee and services in the store.


How to contact Starbucks?

Starbucks can be contacted via Starbucks Customer Service Website available (, providing a phone number ((206) 447-1575), online chat feature and mail facility.

How do I email Starbucks Customer Service?

Customers can mail their queries or anything on the official mail address of Starbucks, that is,

How to contact Starbucks CEO?

You can contact Starbucks CEO through phone, email address, fax, or physical address. Below is the information:
Kevin Johnson
Chairman and CEO
(206) 447-1575
(206) 682-7570 (Fax)
@Starbucks (Twitter ID)

How to contact Starbucks Corporate Office?

Starbucks Corporate Office can be contacted by visiting the corporate office or contacting via a phone number which is (206) 447-1575. Its corporate office address is 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134. 

Where is the Starbucks Headquarters?

Starbucks Headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington, United States.

What is Starbucks Number?

Starbucks Toll Free Number is (800) 782-7282.

Where can I complain about Starbucks?

Starbucks complaints can be taken forward through a call with the customer service center (1 (800) 782-7282) or any offline store of Starbucks.

How do I contact Starbucks Rewards?

Contact Starbucks Customer Service on 800-782-7282 to know your Starbucks rewards.

How do I contact Starbucks District Manager?

Contact Starbucks District Manager by checking the particular district branch which will display all the information you require to contact the district manager.


Starbucks is one of the top coffee chain brands in the whole world, operating in 67 countries over 30,000 locations. Also, Starbucks offers products like coffee, sandwiches, cakes and other merchandise. Starbucks Customer Service puts lots of effort into satisfying customers and makes them enthusiastic. This is implemented using specific strategies like promoting the company on social media to stay connected with the clients, providing a good personal experience to customers concerning the presentation in stores, behavior of staff and services, etc. It gives every medium for customers to connect through phone, chat, or email, or a visit.

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