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Pizza Hut Customer Service Helpline Number | Email ID, Web page

Need the yummiest and the most excellent pizza delivered to you? Follow us up here to get the sizzling hot pizza from your all-time favorite Pizza Hut topped with love, trust, and support. Help us assist you to give you the best benefit directly provided with servicing numbers, mail, official database, and address. If you face any issues regarding the products, then we provide you with the best analysis to assure you that these details here will answer all your objections.

Pizza Hut Customer Care

pizza hut phone number image
Pizza Hut phone number image

Trust me; details can make your products tastier for consumption. Therefore, let us know a bit about the product and its origin before jumping into the contact analysis. Pizza hut is an international networking chain of restaurants founded in Wichita, Kansas, the United States in 1958. Popularised for its Italian-American cuisines with more than 18000 pizzerias worldwide that makeup to become the world’s largest pizza network in terms of locations.

Established by Carney brothers, Dan and Frank in the location of Wichita, Kansas, in 1958, the business grew rapidly like fire to gift the brothers with six more hubs within six months of quick time.

Such growth can blow anyone’s mind into thinking how yummy the pizza of Pizza Hut would be! Isn’t it? If you feel the same, then just follow us below to dig out more craving details of this yummy innovation.

Pizza Hut Contact Numbers

Not only just to order, but they can also help you out with your issues related to Pizza Hut. Directly on behalf of Pizza Hut, their consumer helpline provides you with an ocean of help and support with a toll-free number that allows you to discuss your issues, orders, etc. without charging a single penny. They are available for you 24 hours for seven days a week and we can guarantee you that they pick up even the very first call from you with a humble response.

Pizza Hut Phone Numbers

Pizza Hut Corporate Number+1-972-338-7700
Toll-free number, Customer Service Department, U.S.+1-800-948-8488
Toll-free number, Customer Service Department, Canada+1-866-3643-0825
Pizza Hut Fax Number (U.S.)+1-972-338-6869

 Other Pizza Hut Customer Service Numbers (Main Cities)

  • Alabama: +1-205-652-6811
  • Mississippi: +1-601-469-1799
  • Arizona: +1-623-580-6878
  • California: +1-415-641-0400
  • New York: +1-212-630-0320
  • Connecticut: +1-203-757-0050
  • D.C.: +1-202-882-0600
  • Florida: +1-863-701-8080
  • Texas: +1-281-376-8019
  • Arizona: +1-520-838-5171
  • Missouri: +1-573-336-4828
  • Nevada: +1-775-246-0481
  • New Jersey: +1-609-587-8342
  • Colorado: +1-303-394-4814
  • Ohio: +1-740-574-5051
  • Oklahoma: +1-405-525-5655
  • Oregon: +1-503-650-8300
  • Georgia: +1-770-985-3777
  • Pennsylvania: +1-814-726-3434
  • Illinois: +1-214-330-1300
  • South Carolina: +1-803-802-0888
  • Indiana: +1-724-349-7001
  • Louisiana: +1-337-474-2043
  • Utah: +1-435-637-6410
  • Maryland: +1-410-531-5239
  • Virginia: +1-218-749-4111
  • Michigan: +1-313-846-8578
  • Washington: +1-309-444-2213
  • Minnesota: +1-763-566-5000
  • Wisconsin: +1-608-754-7090

Pizza Hut Support Hours

The official Pizza Hut Hours of Operation for consumer’s support range from Monday to Friday (1500 hrs). However, the call center for Pizza Hut is open for 24 hours and seven days a week. The call is assured to be picked up by a real person, unlike AI Agents. The Best time suggested by the headquarters is to dial at 8:15 am.

Pizza Hut Corporate Office Address

If you go unrest with Pizza Hut, related to your account access, refunding of a charge, application troubles, missed a delivery, want to track your shipment, or wish to discuss any issue related to Pizza Hut, you can call Pizza Hut through various toll-free numbers provided above. But if you feel about writing a letter to the head office of India, here is below the concerned address: –

Pizza Hut Corporate Office Address (U.S.):

Pizza Hut, Inc
7100 Corporate Drive
Plano, Texas 75254
United States

Pizza Hut Official Site

“Efforts become effective when carried out Smartly than being done with all the strength.”

You can now smartly access the nearest Pizza Store online on the Pizza Hut website prepared officially for all the legalized analysis i.e., You can also place your orders online, find the taste that your taste bud drools for, and come across premium deals with various exciting offers only on the official URL:

Pizza Hut Email Support

Feel free to write to Pizza Hut customer service Email USA at regarding your assessment and suggestions to them to help them improve their recipes with your innovative ideas. You can also lodge Pizza Hut complaints to them through email, in case they fail to respond to your active calls. This is the direct email domicile of Pizza Hut head bureau and customer care and you can chat with them about anything, anytime related to Pizza Hut issues. Pizza Hut’s customer satisfaction understands well how important you are to them; therefore, we can reassure you that they will reciprocate you as soon as possible.

Pizza Hut Social Media Handles

Pizza Hut is active on social networking platforms like Google Cloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as YouTube that provides broader access to its customers and to those who haven’t yet tested their recipes. Each platform stands uniquely, featuring its new menus and various mouth-watering recipes directly to their fans and admirers. Pizza Hut has varied access to Google Maps too. By just typing “Pizza Hut near me,” you can access the nearest Pizza Hut store in your area. You can even have a direct chat with the associates of Pizza Hut and ask them questions, suggest them assessments and share innovative ideas of recipes that can result in new additions in the tastes and recipes.

Pizza Hut Reviews

Top best review

Anonymous, Alabama

Worth every penny (3.6/5.0)

If you want to have the best hot pan pizza at your door within 30 minutes, then nothing can beat the speediest delivery service of Pizza Hut. It saved me from starving. Whoa! Such peace!! 

Top worst review

Anonymous, South California

Too expensive for students (2.0/5.0)

Pizza hut is undoubtedly the best pizza I can ever have. Undoubtedly, it provides the best quality pizza, but it is indeed too expensive to afford it twice a week. I have to save my pocket money for having pizza from a pizza hut at least once a week. Something should be done for students and also for those who cannot afford it easily since I believe that Pizza Hut is not a “rich people’s food.”


What time does Pizza Hut open?

Pizza hut opens at 10 AM seven days a week.

What is the number for Pizza Hut?

1-800-948-8488- this is the universal toll-free number for Pizza Hut. 

What time does pizza hut stop delivering?

Soon after the clock strikes 10 PM, Pizza hut stores shut down their shops and stop delivering until the next morning.

How do I contact the Pizza Hut Corporate Office?

You can dial into Pizza Hut headquarters’ official phone number- 1-502-874-8300(U.S.).

How do I contact Pizza Hut Customer Service?

You can directly dial 1-800-989-8488(U.S.) or 1-866-664-5696(Canada) for Pizza Hut’s customer service.

How to order Pizza Hut by phone?

Directly dial to 1-800-989-8488 if you are in the US, dial 1-866-664-5696 if you are in Canada if you want to order Pizza Hut by phone.

When will Pizza Hut reply to the customer service email?

Pizza Hut has a very active stand on social networking platforms. They are known to care for their customers dearly and also reply to the customer service email as soon as possible.

Where is Pizza Hut headquarters?

Pizza Hut is headquartered in Plano, Texas, United States.

How do I claim my Pizza Hut speed guarantee?

If delivery exceeds 40 minutes, you will receive a 13.10 $ Pizza Hut delivery voucher code via email within seven working days. If the promise fails, you can claim your voucher by contacting Pizza Hut Customer Service by providing them with your order number, proof of purchase and a valid email address.

 What does a customer service representative do at Pizza Hut?

 A customer service representative at Pizza Hut is administered for carrying out menu orders and concerns of the customers via telephone calls.


We cordially hope that this page was helpful for you to meet all your requirements regarding the Pizza Hut franchise. Get the working phone number for Pizza Hut here and contact them for any of your queries. We also hope that now you are free of all the doubts respective of every angle and corner.

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