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Groupon Customer Service – Access their helpline for any query!

Today we live in an expensive world where even basic stuff like food, water, and clothing snatches away a massive part of our earnings. To save enough money out of these essentials and fulfil the dreams and desires, one should keep enough money in the pocket for the next purchase. Groupon is the ultimate option that can give you great deals on all the best stuff to eat, see and do near you around the world.

Groupon customer service image
Groupon customer service image

Let’s take a glance below to know more about it and reach the exciting tickets they offer. Not only this, the Groupon customer service department is ready to help you out in all your complaints, confusion, and suggestions. Follow us below:


Groupon is an American online commercial congregation well known for providing exciting deals and discounts to consumers on daily pieces of stuff. It provides exciting offers and concessions on essentials, at restaurants, at malls, duty-free, etc. directly to people of their investment on those things on which Groupon coupon is labelled.

The discounts are released every day and range from certain hours to even certain days. Sometimes discounts can remain valid for up to even certain months.

There are no fixed consumers to this firm, but whoever purchases any stuff labelled with Groupon tickets, they tend to become their customers. The most exciting part that makes Groupon unique is the most substantial frame of rebates that usually starts from 50-70% off than the usual market price.

Groupon Customer Care Numbers

Groupon does not provide any official numbers, but it does provide a help line page through which you can get in touch with them. Whenever, the Groupon phone number is available, we will update it here. Until then, get in tough with Groupon Customer Service through the other means mentioned below.

The best way to get through them is from their helpline section in the website; They give you personalized assistance once you login to your Groupon account.

Groupon Customer Service Hours

The Groupon Customer Service timings are same as its operating hours. So, just contact Groupon customer service phone number in their business hours for quick response.

Operating Hours

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 3–8 p.m. Friday: 3–10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m.–8 p.m.
  • Closed on Wednesdays.

Groupon Corporate Office Address

Groupon provides flexibility to you to mail your opinions towards Groupon. There are many ways to get in touch with the shopper’s assistance. Mailing is also one of the options and opinions for their customers to reach them without any hurdles. Since we couldn’t tolerate seeing the obstacles between you and Groupon, we shall provide you with the most accurate domicile of Groupon.

Though it is the corporate forum and not the consumer assisting department, we can assure that this location is flexible towards receiving paper mails from their customers. Below is the location you can stand en route, for sending the mail.

Corporate Office Address (U.S.)

Groupon, Inc.
600 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, Illinois- 60654
United States

Groupon Near Me

Do you also want to reach the nearest destination that offers Groupon tickets and offers? Surf for “Groupon near me” at your existing web browsers or web mapping service that can easily direct you to the nearest food courts, clothing sales, pubs, restaurants, lodgings, movies, etc. Conjointly, you can search for your local destinations with the availability of Groupon tickets here:-

Groupon Official Site

Get the latest updates and offers on the sincerest web page. Get yourself dived in the era of monetary savings and fetch the best out of everything you love only at Fortunately, this page gives you dual fun at every purchase of your kind of stuff. Grab everything at a detailed discounted price. is Groupon’s Customer service website designed for you to get more convenient access to their supporting department to get all your confusions and doubts cleared.

Groupon Email Support

Groupon does not provide any email support. You can, however, contact their headquarters at Groupon, Inc., 600 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, Illinois- 60654, United States regarding any queries or complaints as their is no Groupon customer support phone number.

Groupon Support via Social Media

How boring it would be to remain without news feeds, updates, and announcements! Such a position can generally push you to face the worst side of Groupon. To avoid this, we are here to revive you with the social sources that can repair your issues anything about Groupon anytime. Here are the resourceful attachments, that can support you all your way:

Groupon Reviews

Groupon has an extensive helpline support section that customers can access. As much of a positive review it could have, it also has negative reviews. Below are a few reviews in customers perspectives-

Anonymous, SC (3.0/5.0)

I had to wait for over two weeks to get my money refunded. It took time, but thankfully I got the amount refunded. I can’t say it was a good experience, but they can make you wait a lot. Groupon needs to improve on this surface.

Anonymous, Ohio (4.5/5.0)

The best deals you can, at last, get here! Groupon is ready to eat your time with late refunding, but I can’t get better deals than this.


How to contact Groupon?

You can contact Groupon via their support section, You can also mail Groupon headquarters as their is no Groupon contact number officially.

How do I contact Groupon for a refund?

You can access the Groupon help section for any refund queries. You can get more personalized assistance once you sign in to your Groupon account.

How to contact Groupon live chat?

Groupon does not have an option of live chat. You can however approach their customer support page for further help over specified issues.

How to contact Groupon by email?

Email section is not provided by the Groupon customer support. You can although mail their headquarters at Groupon, Inc., 600 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, Illinois- 60654, United States.

How do I call Groupon customer service?

Groupon customer support does not provide a service number, you can however access their customer support page or mail your query to their headquarters.

What is the phone number for Groupon?

There is no Groupon telephone number provided for customers to approach. Mail your query to their headquarters or visit their support page for customised assistance,

How do I contact Groupon by phone from Australia?

You can contact Groupon from Australia by calling the Groupon customer service number, (02) 8311 4370.

How do I talk to a live person at Groupon?

Groupon does not provide live chat assistance. You can, however, visit their help page, and use their assistance based on your specification.


We hope that we took our stand to help you clear your doubts and give you all the necessary details you need to reach Groupon. Anyhow, we are not the direct consumer supporters of Groupon, but we work to provide you with the best of everything you need.

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