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Amazon Customer Service Numbers, Email Support – Always comes to your aid!

Nowadays, people prefer to buy all their goods online rather than paying a visit to the different shops and collecting one by one. It is much easier to collect all the things from one place. It is more efficient if this task can be done from home itself. To provide such service to the customers, Amazon has come up with its online shopping ideas in the market. Not just one service, Amazon has many online services as well as products to make life more comfortable to live and make this world a better place to live.

amazon customer service image
Amazon customer service image

The company is one of the leading companies throughout the world. They have expanded their business to almost all the countries in the world. And day by day, the company is still expanding its business and taking it to another level. Using services from the company, you can make your life much more comfortable. Even the company is renowned for its customer service support as well as the quality of the products and services. 

Amazon Support

Amazon is quite a reputed brand in many sectors. The leading service that the company provides is its online shopping service. A person will have the option to buy any product online without going to any shop and fetch what you want. The customer will have the full facility to get all the products on their doorsteps.

Most of the products on their online shopping website are genuine as well as affordable. The company sells all the products at a discounted amount. In just minimal delivery fees, you will get your product delivered on time. Domestic, as well as international products, can be bought with the help of this service.

The company has some of its products in its market as well. One of the famous products of Amazon is Amazon Alexa. Amazon Alexa is a centralized home automation system. You can use it to control all the equipment just by using voice commands remotely.

Amazon Customer Service Phone Number

The customer service team is available for all the customers to provide you with all kinds of help. There is a provision of contacting the group through a phone call. You can check the Amazon customer service number on their website. You can also search for it on the internet. Just search the keyword such as Amazon customer service phone number. You will get many results depending on the place where you stay.

There is no fixed time for calling the customer service team for help. The team will always help you. You will get a quick response if you are calling the Amazon help number for any technical or non-technical support. You can visit their website and check the page of Amazon contact us for further details.

Main Amazon Contact Numbers

Amazon Telephone Number
Amazon customer service number(888) 280-4331

Other Amazon Phone Numbers

  • Amazon Prime phone number: 1800 3000 9009
  • Amazon Australia customer service number: 1-888-280-4331
  • Main Corporate Office Number: (206) 266-1000

Amazon Customer Support Hours

There is no fixed timing for the customer service team. You can contact them anytime as you want. You will always get positive feedback from the company. There are several means to contact Amazon. All the ways are displayed in this article along with all the relevant information.

You can also visit the customer service centers nearby if you are not able to connect by any means of communication. You can also search the nearby Amazon support center using the internet or give a call to the Amazon customer service telephone number that is available 24/7

Amazon Headquarters Address

The headquarters of Amazon is situated in Seattle, Washington, United States of America. You can pay a visit to the headquarters in their office hours. The office hours of headquarters are from 8 am to 8 pm. The customer service team will be there to provide you support.

You can also write a letter mentioning your query and send it to headquarters. It will take a few days to reach. But the company will send the response as soon as they receive your request. You can expect the response within a week. Following is the address of Amazon headquarters. 

Amazon Address of Corporate:

410 Terry Ave. North Seattle,
WA, 98109-5210
The United States

Amazon New headquarters is planned to split into two locations. One is at Arlington County, Virginia and another is at Long Island City in Queens, New York City.

Amazon Stores Near Me

Amazon has developing centres located across the world but no chain stores so far. If you wish to find an Amazon development store, you can browse through Google. If you want to find the physical retail stores, you can use this Amazon locator.

Amazon Website / Contact Us Page

The website of Amazon is the backbone of their business. You can access many options and services of the company through this medium. There is no other way to access their services if it’s not their official website. You will find all the relevant information on their website that is related to contacting them.

The website has Amazon Prime customer service phone number as well as Amazon chat option. You can contact the customer service team directly through their website too. The Amazon live chat is the best option if you are concerned about your private information;

You do not need any phone number or email address to contact the customer service team if you are opting for Amazon support chat option on their website. Following is the website address of Amazon.


Amazon Customer Service Email Address

Officially there is no email ID provided by for customer support. You can try mailing to for any emergency. Like, if you are reporting a suspicious URL, keep that in the body of the mail and send it to For any other issues, you can call Amazon contact phone number or use the chat support.

Amazon Social Media Support

All the updates that we are getting are through social media. You will follow Amazon by using different social media as well. Most of the offers that are given by the company are displayed on the social media pages at first. It is beneficial to stay connected with the company’s social media pages. You also have the option to contact the customer service team through these mediums if you are not comfortable calling Amazon customer care number. The following are the links to different social media pages of Amazon. 

Amazon Reviews

Amazon has many satisfied customers throughout the world. You can see their testimony on several social media as well as on their official website too. One of the satisfied customers has posted their review on the official Facebook page of Amazon. “I just started my subscription to Amazon Prime. First of all, I didn’t know there would be several options. I just wanted to watch a movie and that is why I took the subscription. But at the most affordable price, I got a subscription for 1 month. It was surprising that at the cost of renting a movie, I can get the whole subscription for a month”

Another testimony was able to be seen on the twitter page of Amazon. The subscriber has told the surprise he got after registering for the service. ”I was enrolling for the Amazon prime service on their official website. At the start only, I got a reward from the company itself. I got a free subscription for a month. The recharge that I have done is forwarded for another month. Now I have a subscription to Amazon prime for two months at just the cost of one month”. You can check many testimonies from previous satisfied customers. Check their experience before you opt for their services or products. 

More on Amazon Services

Along with many products, Amazon does have other famous services as well, such as Amazon web services. With the help of Amazon web services, you can utilize dedicated servers without maintaining your own data servers. In just a minimal amount, you can utilize virtual space or virtual machines that are provided on their cloud services. 

Another outstanding service that is related to the entertainment world is Amazon prime. This website will give you the freedom to watch all the movies and series online. You can stream almost all the television shows. The company also has a production house in which they make their interesting shows too.

You can get access to all the services through the website once you have registered for the premium package. At the most affordable price, you can get the subscription and enjoy it. There are not many requirements to access this service. You just need an internet connection and a smart device.

How to contact an Amazon seller?

The mobile application of Amazon has all the information about the seller on your desired product page. You can directly contact the seller using those details. You can also get the information about the seller by calling the customer service team.

How to contact Amazon sellers for warranty?

The product description has all the information about the warranty period of the product. You just have to access that file to know about it. And if the warranty period is not specified, you can visit the website of that particular company’s website to get information about the warranty.

How to contact Amazon seller support directly?

You can use any means of communication to contact the Amazon seller directly. The Amazon seller support phone number and other information is given with the product. You can use that information to contact the seller directly.


When is Amazon customer service open?

The Amazon customer service is open 24/7.

When is Amazon customer service close?

There is no closing timing for the customer service department. The customer service is open 24/7. 

Where is Amazon support located?

The main Amazon support is located in the Seattle, WA. To find the retail stores of Amazon, you can use its Store Locator.

How to contact Amazon customer service chat?

The Amazon help chat is available on their official website: You can directly access the website and you will see the option of the chat box. You just have to put your queries and it will respond to you directly. Sign in to your Amazon account to make use of this Amazon online chat service.

How to message Amazon customer service?

You can email the company using their official email address or use the service of chat support can be used for the same. Else, write a letter to the Amazon main office. You can also log in to your account and leave a message regarding your issue to the customer support. It is up to the customer which service to choose. 

How to email Amazon customer service?

Amazon has officially not provided any email ID for contacting customer service. Though you can try using to report any phishing or spoofed emails.

How to complain about Amazon customer service?

Better use the social media links given above to complain about Amazon customer service. You can also file Amazon complaints by calling them on their customer service contact number- (888) 280-4331.

How to contact Amazon customer service?

You can contact the Amazon company via various means such as calling phone number for Amazon customer service, (888) 280-4331. Also, you can check the contact us page on their official website for a live chat. 

What is the 1 800 number for Amazon com customer service?

1 (888) 280-4331 is the official Amazon customer support number. You can call Amazon customer service and clarify all the doubts and queries in your mind about any service or product of Amazon. You will get a quick response with this number.

How to view Amazon customer service chat history?

You can view the Amazon chat support history by signing up from your account. Use your login credentials in order to view the chat history.

How do I call Amazon Prime customer service?

You can use the official Amazon Prime customer service number, 1800 3000 9009 in order to call the company.

How to contact Amazon about missing packages?

You can contact the company using the Amazon support number, (888) 280-4331 about the missing package by using their application. The mobile application of Amazon has the option of help. You just have to click that option and call the customer service team depending upon the specific order query.

How do you contact Amazon about an order?

You can contact Amazon about the order by using their application. The mobile application of Amazon has the option of help. You just have to click that option and call the customer service team.

How to contact Amazon about an order not received?

All the information or support regarding the orders is handled via their mobile application and website. Select the order you have a query regarding and there on you will be guided according to your requirement. 


Amazon is known for its impeccable customer services. Their immediate response to any of customers queries related to products, delivery services and many more. Contact their support squad and get your concerns relieved.  

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