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FPL Customer Service – The world’s most trusted light!

Our parents always nag us to read or study in proper lightings, but there weren’t enough though. Lighting problems? Low Voltage? High electricity bill! Well, Good news then! Why? You ask. Because rest assured for Florida Power and Light will solve it for you. What’s the guarantee? 100% And if not happy with the services or facing any kind of issues, problems or grievances, don’t worry at all. FPL offers customer care and helpline service for its customers and they are here to help you out on that part! 

Florida Power and Light

fpl customer service image
FPL customer service image

Florida Power and Light Company is a United States-based energy Company and provides electricity at a much lower price up to 30% if compared at a national level. The company serves more than 10 million households across the state of Florida and is specifically known for its highly fuel-efficient power plant, making it the cleanest energy company nationwide. Quite a fleet if you ask me! And the hilarious part is that the fleet of the company doesn’t end here at all. There’s more to the movie, and yes, you guessed it right! It was just a trailer.

FPL is a branch company of Juno Beach, NextEra Energy Inc. NextEra Energy is a Florida based clean energy company. NextEra Inc. is known for its efforts, contributions and service towards the vision of Sustainability, ethics and diversity, which are much needed in these times of climate emergency and crisis! The company has been ranked no.1 in the “World’s Most Admired Companies” in the Fortune 2019 list under the electric and gas utilities industry category and that too for the fifth time in a row. And who knows? Maybe this might be the reason for it being the third-largest energy company in the United States.

FPL Customer Service Phone Numbers

Still not satisfied? Oh wait, want to enquire about something? Whatever your grievance might be! Contact Florida Power and Light and their customer care service are here to make your any and every issue or problem go poof! How? Well, you can either directly contact the company through-

FPL Phone Number Customer Service

FPL Customer Service Number
For general queries1-888-988-8249
To report storm outage1-800-4-OUTAGE/468-8243

You can use the above main number & FPL outage number for your queries. Or below are the contact details of the FPL Customer Service of the local residential customer center that you can refer to for contacting the company-

Local Residential FPL Customer Care Centre

Local residential Customer Care CentreContact Details
Ft. Myers239-334-7754
Ft. Pierce772-462-0555
FPL phone number Miami-Dade305-442-8770
Punta Gorda941-639-1106
West Palm561-697-8000
Other Areas800-226-3545

Local Business Customer Care Centre Number

Local Business Customer Care CentreContact Details
West Palm561-478-6399
All Other Areas FPL contact number800-375-2434

FPL Customer Service Hours

Now that the cat is out of the bag! I meant that now that you know the contact details of the Florida Power and Light company when you should contact them? After all, just a general etiquette whenever we call someone, first we ask them, is it a good time to talk? But the same is not the case with Companies; they have a specific time for all their helpline to start and off for the day. And if you call FPL customer service only during that particular duration, they will tend to your issues and grievances.

Now that we know the importance of time and helpline timing let’s discuss Florida Power and Light Company helpline timings. Since no storm comes with notice and no electrical problem occurs with a notification! And so the helpline of Florida Power and Light helpline are available for 24×7, which means you can call them anytime. And they will immediately tend to your needs.

FPL Address for your Postcard

Still not happy with the services? Or want to send a postcard of the season to the company! But what’s the address? Well, don’t worry at all. Your problem is poof, for below is the Florida Power and Light company head office address!

FPL Mailing Address

Florida Power & Light Company
700 Universe Boulevard
Juno Beach, FL 33408
United States

Now you can send a postcard or complaint or even a lawsuit notice if you want! Just kidding! 

Official Site of FPL

The official site of Florida Power and Light Company is Well, the FPL website is quite a wand. Why? You ask. That’s because its website is an all in one site for its customers! You can request a new electric connection, stop your service, report and check your consumption status through the various tools on its website. You can even access the power tracker to see the areas of the outage map instantly through the website.

 Consumption of energy that you are using in a day or hour can be seen through your account dashboard. All you need is just to make an account on the official site of the FPL website. It will help you to read your bill and pay your bill online using Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards easily.

FPL Contact Us Page:

Impressed! want to follow FPL on social media?

Well, it won’t be a surprise to know that you want to follow Florida Power and Light on social media with the quality of services it’s offering! And so to make it easy for you guys and save your time from surfing on the internet for its social media handles, following are the details of the same:


What is the FPL phone number?

The toll free number for FPL is 1-800-468-8243.

How to contact FPL to end service?

For the termination of service, one can contact through FPL telephone number (1-888-988-8249). Otherwise, if already has an existing account, the one can terminate the service through the various tools accessible to the customers through their accounts.

How do I contact FPL by phone?

One can contact FPL by phone either through the mobile app of the company or by dialing the customer care contact (FPL number is 1-888-988-8249).

How to contact the FPL HR representative?

One can contact the HR representative of FPL by writing a letter of, ‘To Whom It May Concern, addressed to Head Office, Florida Power & Light Company, 700 Universe Boulevard, Juno Beach, FL 33408, United States.

How do I talk to a real person at FPL?

For one to contact a real person at FPL, one can either approach them through customer care number-800-226-3545 or write a letter To Whom It May Concern, addressed to the Head Office of FPL.

Where is the headquarters for FPL?

The FPL headquarters is in Florida Power & Light Company, 700 Universe Boulevard, Juno Beach, FL 33408, United States.

Does FPL have an app?

Yes, FPL does have an app.


So far, in what we have discussed, one thing has become crystal clear that Florida Power and Light is an admired clean energy Company in Florida. Its approach towards a clean and sustainable environment is quite a feat as well as appreciable efforts being an energy Company. All the more reason to admire the company because of its tremendous staff support. You can reach out to them any time you want after all the storm doesn’t come with an email! Which is why the company is the bearer of the “World’s Most Admired Company”. Likewise, as people appreciate the company’s efforts towards the noble cause, the company appreciates people’s contribution to the same. The company also allows its customers to be engaged in its environmental welfare activities through its community; they can either donate or volunteer for the activities conducted for the welfare of the environment.

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