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Contact Spotify Customer Service and Support – Call Now to Clarify your Doubts

Spotify is one of the most prominent media service providers in the world. It started in 2006, thirteen years ago in Sweden, now available at more than 20 locations. The Spotify platform provides music, video, and podcasts from numerous media companies. It adds to the service of free music streaming along with offline playlists via paid subscription. Right now, through Spotify, one can access more than fifty million tracks categorized on the ground of artists, genre or album also provides the freedom to develop a personal playlist and also share them with everyone.

Spotify Customer Service

spotify customer service image
Spotify customer service image

Spotify is primarily workable on current devices and the latest versions of Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. The availability of Spotify is majorly available in Europe and the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Africa and Asia. Spotify gained the loyalty of customers in the form of paid subscriptions summing to 113 million.

As it serves such a large customer base, the task to keep them happy becomes hectic and tedious on the company’s end; hence to sort this out, every company has a separate section to deal with the ongoing issues of customers called Cuscustomer service. To provide specific assistance, Spotify’s contact details in the next sections. This also covers the information about Spotify review, Spotify help centers and more about Spotify headquarters.

Spotify Phone Number

To get the customer service and assistance for the various services that are currently provided by Spotify. It is meant to keep the Spotify tech support at the nearest call. The Spotify customer service number is open throughout the day for Spotify support chat. The contact details of Spotify accessible widely in many platforms provide Spotify support email addresses along with Spotify’s corporate office phone number. Here are the comprehensive structure of Spotify contact numbers to rule out the doubts regarding the services and many more.

Spotify Customer Service Phone Number
Spotify Contact Number1800-952-5210

Other than this, they don’t have a Spotify phone number and it’s more advisable to contact them by mail to avoid the current wait and hold issues. This allows skipping the general schedule of phone lines and getting to the right agent of Spotify. There has been a problem with Spotify of not having any phone number as such for common reasons like refunds, cancellation purposes, streaming troubles.

Spotify Customer Support Hours

Since there is no such customer care number and only an email id to provide support in case of any grievances, the subscribers and listeners can always drop a mail to contact Spotify and there are no restricted support hours because of the same reason.

Official Spotify Website

More about the company’s profile can be learned by visiting the official website of Spotify at The site provides a brief idea about Spotify and its services. In Spotify Official Website covers the company info and journey to date, along with jobs and the list of records. It also has different content for artists, developers, brands, investors, and vendors. It also gives a clear overview of the web player and the free mobile app.

Spotify Support Email

Spotify Survives with only the email support that is being provided to the customer base on the name of customer service. To report any issue regarding the services or refunds or policies or anything, one can directly drop a mail.

Spotify Social Media Handles

Designed for super friendly when it comes to finding customer support or answers to the queries, Spotify has come up with fast expert assistance on twitter with the handle name @SpotifyCares. You only need to tweet and your job is done. Further, the team will contact and will carry out their task to help you in every way they can.

Spotify Reviews

Spotify faced criticism from a wide variety of audience that included customers to producers to an artist like Taylor Swift and Thom Yorke. For different license issues and royalty based issues. Apart from that, the experience is a bit smooth and enjoyable on Spotify. With the Spotify app, one can easily have a free account where 15 playlists can be selected headlining up to 750 songs online. Offline streaming, however, is not allowed. But this isn’t free; it is ad-supported.

For customer support, there is no phone number but only an email address, which, no matter what, can’t give quick solutions to the issues and problems. It is seen that Spotify tends to provide you with better services when you pay for a service. But still with a systematic plan for those who can’t and that’s appreciable.


Does Spotify have a number I can call?

You can Contact Spotify Number 1-800-952-5210 

How do I contact Spotify to cancel my subscription?

You can drop in a mail to Spotify at 

How to contact Spotify via email?

Drop your queries at for contacting Spotify

Where is Spotify headquarters?

Spotify headquarters is situated in Stockholm, Sweden.

How do I get a refund from Spotify?

You can file your refund request in the mail address of Spotify customer support 

Can I email Spotify?

Yes, you can email Spotify at 

Where to file Spotify complaints?

You can mail your complaints at 


Spotify is the most rapidly growing media provider in the last decade. The reason being it’s unique ideas on providing the users with fresh music content, podcasts and personalized playlist with the liberty of sharing the playlists too! On the whole, Spotify is one of the most trendy and user-friendly and helpful for all those looking for music streaming services with spatially integrated social features that make it stand out in the crowd of the same service providers.

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