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Google Customer Service Number, Gmail Support and Other Contact Information

Who hasn’t heard of Google as a Company? Heck, you must have even googled this topic in their searching platform and must have landed on this page. Google is a massive company with so many branches all over the world.

It is considered as one of the biggest four technology companies in the world along with Amazon, Facebook and Apple. To manage such a big company, they have a large set of highly skilled professionals. And that is why the customer support of Google considered as one of the best.

google customer service image
Google customer service image

In this article, we will tell you all about Google tech support, Google support chat, Gmail customer service and so much more. The Google Company does not have only a search engine under its name but also a Play Store, a Map Application, Mailing Service and various other products.

They have provided a Google support phone number for each of these different branches of their company, to which a customer can call and contact their customer support live.


As we have already told you a lot about Google being one of the top Technical Companies, in this segment, we will move on to its products and services. Let’s first start with its most important and most widely known service – the Google Search Engine.

In this search engine, they have optimized the working of the engine in such a way that it will show you all the results related to the keywords you have specified. Another product of their company is the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store consists of all the applications that can be downloaded, installed and run on Android Mobile Phones.

One more evident product that has made the life of many frequent travelers and joggers easier is Google Maps. It is one of the most highly used products of Google and can be found on the mobile phone of almost every other person sitting next to you.

These maps can be used to locate any nearby place, show you the shortest route to a place, map you the way to a destination, the time it, and a lot more. Another product that is used by every customer of Google is their cloud service Gmail. It lets you create an account on Gmail through which you can mail people; you can save your documents, file and images safely in the cloud of Google without having the risk of losing it ever again.

Google Customer Support Phone Number

As I have already told you, in this article, we will be sharing all our collective data on the various phone numbers, emails and addresses provided by the Google Company. These numbers and mail ids can be used by a customer to contact the company. Through Google customer service phone number live person will be interacting with you from their end and not an automated voice call. 

Google Phone Number

Main Google Contact Details
Google Support Department 866-246-6453 
Merchant help 

Google Support Hours

When you call them on their customer service phone number, they will be the most accessible to receive your call during the weekdays, from morning 6 am to 5 pm. But in case you wish to seek support at the weekends, you can try emailing them on their support mail id, as it is available for all the days of the week. You will get an instant reply that will be automated from the company, and a support person may contact you within 48 hours of your mail. Furthermore, Google customer service phone number 24/7 service is not available.

Google Headquarters Address

Like every big multinational company, the headquarters of Google also is located in the United States. To be more precise and to the point, the Google headquarters is located in California, United States. Although there are many more headquarters of Google in different countries, the main one is in United States. In case it’s an emergency, and you really wish to get in contact with the company, you can even write a mail addressed directly to the company headquarters address and hope for a reply back from them.

Address: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, California, United States

Google Store Near Me

In order to find a Google store or customer support near me, you can use the Google Store Locator. You can also try opening Google Maps either on your mobile phone or your web browser on a laptop. In the search bar, you can simply enter Google Customer Service near me, and it will show you all the stores that are nearest to you. From that list, you can easily select the store to avail their customer service.

Google Official Website

There are various official Google websites available. The reason behind that is because they have so many different branches under the name of one company, such as Google Chrome, YouTube, G Suite, Gmail, Google Maps, etc. Therefore we are going to provide you with the website address of only their main website, as all the other products that come under the company can be found through links available from their main website address.


Google Support Email

In order to contact Google, the company has already provided various phone numbers to their customers. But the drawback in all of them is that you cannot call their customer support for help on weekends as they only operate from Monday to Friday. Also, various customers hate talking on the phone directly or even waiting for the automated voice to end. For such reasons, the company has provided an official support email address, to which a customer can mail their grievance and ask for support. There are different email approaches for different issues and you can access them all at

Also, Google support provides an official Live Chat link online for you to approach them with any query. 

Live Google Support Chat: 

Social Media Support of Google

In a very less amount of time, Google has become a household name, and it is all because of the fact that they are not only available through their customer phone number, but also in social media. Customers can contact Gmail support even through their social media links, for example, by tweeting to them directly and mentioning your problem or the difficulty you are facing in using their app, play store, or even website. The company is known for being very active on social media, so if your problem is serious, you can expect a reply from their company within one hour itself.

Google Review Customer Service

We have already come to know that Google’s contact support is very user-friendly, and their company makes sure that every customer has a very smooth experience in using their products. Even their customer service is much maintained, as they make sure that the grievance of their customer is sorted and solved within a stipulated time. But to know more about their company we decided to dig deep into their customer support service and contacted their customers to gather some genuine reviews. Some of the legit reviews shared below.

A customer quoted, “I was having issues with Google Play App, as I was not able to install any app on my phone, I mailed their customer support, and I was surprised to receive a reply from their sorting my problem within 24 hours itself. They solved it and from that day I have never faced any problem again”. One more customer quoted that, “I am very disappointed by their customer service as I tried calling them so many times on their customer service number, but no one received the call. Instead, I was always greeted with an automated voice”.


How to contact Google by phone?

In order to reach Google by phone, you can call them on their toll-free number 650-253-0000, but in case they don’t receive, you can even call them on their ad words customer service number, which is 866-246-6453. 

How do I leave a Google customer review?

Leaving a customer review for Google is very easy, and it also depends upon the product for which you want to leave a review. You can mail them directly your review or feedback through their mail id, or even tweet and tag them through their social media support. The best option however is to visit their official support site, and access the Feedback at the bottom corner of the site.

How to contact Google maps customer service?

You can contact the support for Google maps either through their website link, which is, or even call them on their phone number, 1-866-246-6453. But the best way to contact them will be their email support.

How to email Google support?

If you wish to email Google support, you can do it through their official email support,  This link provides an email specific for your issues. 

How to contact Google about Gmail?

In order to contact Google about Gmail issues, you can call Google customer service number, 1-866-246-6453. 

Which email contact does Google use to notify merchants about account warnings?

The email contact that Google uses to notify merchants about account warnings is either through G Suite account mail address or by their support mail ID, which is  

How to get a Google phone number?

You can find the Google Phone number in our Google Customer Care Phone Number segment. The customer service number of Google is 866-246-6453. 

Can I chat with Google?

Yes, you can chat with Google through their Google Assistant, which is a Google ChatBot. It not only helps in controlling and knowing your way around your phone but will also assist you in getting in touch with their customer support easily,  

How to chat with Google support

In order to chat with Google Support,you can visit their live chat at 

How do I contact Google for a refund?

For a refund, you can contact Google Play customer service by their toll-free number, which is 855-836-3987. But you can mail Google support in their official mail id or through their website.

Where is Google Headquarters?

The headquarters of Google is located in 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, California, United States.

How do you contact Gmail customer service?

To contact Gmail customer service, you can do it in many ways, such as contacting support directly through their help option given in the app. The other way is by emailing them on their support mail id. Also, you can call them on their Gmail phone number, 1-866-246-6453.

Final Words

In this Google Customer Service article, we provided you with all the necessary information you might need to contact Google Support in case you need any help regarding the working of the app. Even technical support and other related to customer service is also available if you call them on their provided phone numbers. But the best way will be to contact them via email.

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