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Doordash Customer Support – Get 24×7 service with these numbers!

With fast emerging online- food delivery apps, Doordash stands out because of its excellent customer care service and great customer support. Doordash has the largest customer care service center with more than 350 employees. They typically reply within an hour, and for live guidance regarding your order, you can call the customer care. There is only one toll-free number for all the destinations. This means you don’t have to search for the local customer care number. Customer support for this online food delivery app is tremendous that it has occupied 28% of the online food delivery of the United States.

doordash customer service image
Doordash customer service image

Doordash was founded in the year 2013 by the students of Stanford University: Andy Fang, Tony Xu, Stanley Tang, and Evan Moore. It was started as a logistics company to deliver the food in time and now they have grown more prominent in America as an on-demand food delivery app. Now they are the largest food delivery logistics in America. Within a short span of six years, they have moved their rivals GrubHub and Uber eats to the second place.

Doordash Customer Service Numbers

There are many ways to contact Doordash. You can contact them through Doordash customer support number, Doordash customer service email, social media and customer support center. I strongly recommend you contact them online. They reply immediately for your messages, typically within an hour.

There are special online forms available at the website and you need to fill the required field and submit. The respective department will receive your queries and respond to you within a day.

Doordash Phone Support

If you want to reach the corporate office for your vendor requests, you can call them directly using the following Doordash phone number.

Doordash Customer Care Numbers
Toll-free Number(844) 285 – 0248
Customer Service(650) 681 – 9470
Doordash contact number for Legal Department(855) 973 – 1040

Doordash Hours

Doordash support numbers can be contacted throughout the day (24×7) and on all days. They work 365 days a year and seven days a week. The information not available on the website can be provided to you by a representative when you call them.

Doordash Near Me

Doordash is a technology-driven company that is connecting people from multiple cities in one platform. They empower the local businesses and generate new ways and hopes for the local people. Doordash provides door- to – door delivery to get connected with people and make their day wonderful and happier. If the customer is carving for his favorite food from a restaurant, Doordash can get you right with less time, money and energy.

If you want to know the available restaurants near your location with food delivery choices, visit Doordash office near me page and enter your delivery address.

The restaurants near you will be highlighted and you can order your favorite food from them. You can also see the trending promotional campaigns and order your food. You can find the nearest restaurant using the app and if you still have a doubt, you can call 855- 973- 1040 for further assistance.

Doordash Customer Support Hours

Customer support hours never end at Doordash. They provide 24 hours / 7 weeks and 365 days of customer service and support. Depending on the location, the ordering time may vary, but customer service is available throughout the day. For queries and complaints regarding the food, orders, and refunds, you can contact them anytime. You can call 855- 973 – 1040 for complete assistance. 

Doordash Office Address

Doordash address for correspondence is the headquarters address. Doordash headquarters is located in San Francisco. The complete address is given below:

Doordash Headquarters:

Doordash, Inc.

116 New Montgomery Street 4th Floor

San Francisco, California 94105

United States

Doordash Contact Us / Official Website

Doordash operates in 34 states of the United States and nine states of Canada. Each state has many local offices and they operate as onboard dashers office. Dashers work from this office. California, New York, and Florida has more number of regional offices than other states. 

You can contact them through their customer care number and other social media links such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Doordash Email Support

This is one of the simplest ways to contact Doordash. Write a mail and send it to and get the solution.

Doordash Chat

Doordash chat option is available for you to talk with the customer care executives regarding your queries, complaints, and refunds. Doordash chat is accessible in your app and you can contact them by messaging your requirements. They will reply instantly and help you to solve the problem. 

By using this web link, you can contact them:

Social media links

Doordash is the largest online food delivery app and they start supplying the food since 8 AM and operate till 11 PM. You can contact Doordash in all the social media links such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn. Check these links to get in touch with Doordash.

Doordash Review

Doordash reviews are showing the accelerating growth of this food delivery app. There are more satisfied customers for this service. Doordash has received mixed comments for their lawsuits with In-N-Out chains and few more restaurants. However, these lawsuits seem not to affect their growing popularity. 

Dashers are also pleased to work with this organization. Many happy dashers love this job and are supporting Doordash from early times.

Another biggest issue faced by Doordash was the tipping policy. After much comments and public notifications, they have finally brought a positive word for a change. Now tips provided to the dashers will be credited to their account directly.

Being a technology-driven company, they are providing the best food delivery in the country. They have added a new innovative rating called “Delight” score to rate the restaurants and help the users to choose the right restaurant for good food.

About Doordash

Doordash is a logistics company that delivers food to customers from their favorite restaurant at an affordable price. They occupy a total of 28% of online- food delivery in America. This is a San Francisco based food delivery company, which is more than $13 billion worth in 2019.

Doordash charges a standard price of $5.99 and sometimes the price may go up by $8 depending on the distance and restaurant type. They do not provide free deliveries to their customers. But you can get huge discounts, if you are a first –time customer and on promotional campaigns. For using the promo codes, you need to order a minimum value. They charge both customers and restaurants for their service and the prices may vary. 


Does Doordash have a customer service number?

Doordash has customer service for customers, dashers, and restaurants. You can contact them at 855-973-1040.

How do I contact Doordash Customer Service?

You can contact Doordash customer service using the helpline (844) 285 – 0248 and (855) 973-1040 and also through their social media links.

How to Cancel Doordash Order?

The orders that you are placed at Doordash cannot be canceled, but only in a few cases, it can be canceled. 
1. If the restaurant has not confirmed the order, then you can cancel.
2. If the restaurant has started preparing your food and if you need to cancel, then you have to contact the customer care for cancellation.

How to cancel a Doordash Account?

You can cancel your Doordash account anytime and on any part of the day.
All you need is:
1. Login to your account.
2. Move to the accounts tab
3. Select the manage dash pass option.
4. Under this select, the end subscription button.
5. Your account is canceled from Doordash.
It is always advised to cancel your account one day before the renewal date.

When does Doordash open?

Doordash is open from 8 AM and operates till 11 PM. Opening and closing hours may vary a little depending on the area and availability.

How to Sign up for Doordash?

You can sign up for a Doordash account with your Google account or Facebook account. If you are not interested in using any of these, you can provide your details and get a separate account.

What time does Doordash close?

Doordash operates till 11 PM in most of the states. Closing time may vary depending on the city and restaurant availability.

How can I chat with Doordash?

You can chat with Doordash through their app. You can also get extra support from them using the “need more help” support section.

When are Doordash peak hours?

Doordash hours are 4:30 PM to 9 PM Doordash receives maximum orders during this part of the time and if you opt to be a dasher, this is the peak shift. Similarly, 11 AM to 1 PM is also great for working. These peak hours may vary a little Based on the area and app. 

Where is Doordash headquarters?

Doordash headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, United States.

How do you call the Doordash local office?

Doordash has local offices in 34 states and there are many regional offices in each city. You can contact your local office by calling the customer care number – 855-973-1040. Customer care executives will forward your call to the local offices.

How can a dasher contact Doordash?

Dashers can contact Doordash through their app and can also call (855) – 973-1040 and chat with the support agent.

Can you order Doordash online?

Doordash is a technology-driven food delivery app. You can order food only online. Log on to the official website and look for your favorite food and restaurants by using the search engine. Follow the simple steps to place the order.


Food delivery apps have exploded the food Industry with its fast delivery, fewer charges for your favorite food from your favorite restaurant. By sitting at home, you can enjoy your days with the family. Get nothing but the happiness of sharing your restaurant food with friends and family without missing gossips. Doordash is the largest food delivery app in America since June 2019, beating its rival GrubHub.

From 2013, Doordash is growing at a steady phase to grab 28% of the online- food delivery system in America. They have now expanded in 4000 cities with a huge merchant network of 340,000 selection stores. The current worth of the company is more than $13 billion and grows steadily. Doordash customer service phone number is always available for your help and you can contact Doordash for your meals, groceries around the United States.

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